29 Relatable Memes for Wireless Retailers

The wireless industry is complicated, ever-changing, and full of highs and lows. If you’re in the industry and work to make every customer’s dream come true, you get it.
But you’re not alone! With so many cell phone retailers striving for the same goal — customer satisfaction and increased sales — we’re all in it together. The iQmetrix team searched the internet to find and create groan-worthy, that’s totally me” memes for anyone who has worked in wireless retail. 
Here are 29 ridiculously relatable memes that are sure to resonate if you’re in the business of wireless. 

1. It’s almost here…right?

Meme 1

2. That one customer that knows it all.”

Meme 2

3. Closing sales is the name of the game. 

Meme 3

4. This might hit a little too close to home…

Meme 4

5. *A cold, ominous breeze rolls through your store*

Meme 5

6. Does anyone know their password?

Meme 6

7. Oh, now you’d like my help?

Meme 7

8. Where we’re going we don’t need lightning chargers. 

Meme 8

9. They’ll be back.

Meme 9

10. Always get the extended warranty.

Meme 10

11. No amount of Windex will solve this problem.

Meme 11

12. The customer account says differently. 

Meme 12

13. When the shopper is also a comedian.”

Meme 13

14. The call we all avoid. 

Meme 14

15. YIKES.

Meme 17

16. Always carry the headphone jack adapter.

Meme 18

17. We’re confused…

Meme 19

18. I promise, we don’t have it in stock.”

Meme 20

19. An actual nightmare. 

Meme 21

20. What’s the polo in the carrier color even good for?

Meme 22

21. Whose phone line is it anyway?

Meme 23

22. Look for the commission at the end of the tunnel.

Meme 24

23. What even is reconciliation?

Meme 25

24. RQ is a versatile tool.

Meme 26

25. So if I activate 3 phones and sell 6 cases…”

Meme 27

26. *Plays Closing Time by Semisonic*

Meme 28

27. Work smarter, not harder. 

Meme 29


Meme 30

29. A wireless store is never not busy.

Meme 31

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