Q&A: Why Fraser Valley Wireless Loves Local Inventory on Google

Formerly known as Pointy, the iQmetrix-integrated solution Local Inventory on Google has been a game-changer for the authorized retailers who have adopted it over the past couple of years.

One of those retailers is Fraser Valley Wireless, a Rogers/​Fido dealer with 18 locations — 17 in British Columbia and one in Ontario. Fraser Valley has been working in partnership with iQmetrix since December 2012, and implemented the Local Inventory on Google (then called Pointy, a Part of Google) solution in September 2021

We had a chat with Nick Chand, Data Analyst at Fraser Valley, and Vick Ahuja, Managing Partner and Director of Retail, to find out how Local Inventory — and iQmetrix solutions in general — have helped their business flourish.

iQmetrix: How does using Local Inventory on Google work for you?

Fraser Valley (Nick): What we love about Local Inventory on Google is that when customers search for, say, an iPhone 15 near them, the results are pulling up big-box stores and we’re in there as well, Fraser Valley Wireless, under the shopping tab. With us not having an eCommerce website, it allows the customer to still see the availability of products at our store. 

Even if we don’t have that product in stock, if the customer is looking for that, it just goes to show that that is a popular product.

With many of your doors being in smaller semi-urban or suburban areas, how do you think Local Inventory’s usefulness translates, compared with a high-density urban area with lots of retail options?

Nick: Yes, the choices of stores in some areas are limited. This solution is especially useful in a suburban area, where customers might assume they have to go to a big-box store and might not even know we exist, they can find us and know the product they want is in stock. If the customer does a search on Google the choices will pretty much be the local big-name electronics store and our store. For example, in Kelowna, where our store is further away from the malls, a customer doing the search for a particular product will likely only find us through our Local Inventory integration.

Did you find Local Inventory challenging to set up and implement?

Nick: I remember the set-up process not being difficult at all. It really is a one-time thing. It enables our entire catalog at once, and it doesn’t cost us anything. Really, I think there are only positives that come from implementing it.

In general, what have been some highlights of your 11-year partnership with iQmetrix?

Vick: We’re always looking for ways to diversify and not solely rely on Rogers and its products. What we like about iQmetrix is that with your big range of partner integrations we have various opportunities to bring new revenue-generating offerings to our customers, such as device warranties and trade-in solutions. The iQmetrix partner integrations gives us options that you bring to the table that Rogers may not. 

Nick: The number one thing that I always mentioned to everybody is the fantastic support we get from iQmetrix and the reliability of the entire service. All the solutions are reliable. We don’t have outages very often, and if anything does happen there’s always great communication about it. There’s also great information about new products and services and opportunities for feedback. We love the communication — it has been fantastic!

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