Part 2: The State of Wireless Retail

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the financial and economic landscape of wireless retail. 

In Part 1 of Stacy Hamers interview on One-to-One with Statflo, she talked about the need for stores to incorporate a digital strategy as consumers shift from shopping in-store to online as a result of social distancing. 

In part 2, she explains what makes a great leader during a crisis, and consequently how her own leadership style has changed. 

Leadership lessons from Stacy

The pandemic is a pressure test for good and bad leadership. Stacy makes a compelling case for why your primary responsibility, as a leader, is to keep your team safe, cohesive and productive.

It’s not anything we’ve ever learned in any school or in reading books. This is really new to everyone.”

In the second half of her interview, Stacy goes over her tips for how to lead during a pandemic, including how to remain transparent to ensure you’re a trusted source your team can rely on, as well as the importance of busting silos and staying collaborative.

Your people need to see everything you’re doing to take care of your staff.”

Be sure to hear the rest of Stacy’s interview with Statflo. Looking for part 1? You can listen to the first half of her interview on the state of wireless retail, here.