Make Workflows Work for You in Repair

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again — with the emerging trend of repair, the number of repair shops, in-store booths, and independent kiosks are growing.

While every shop may have similar services and offerings, each business is vastly different, with different fields of the necessary information needed from a customer to process a repair service request quickly and correctly. To accommodate the intricacies of their operations, repair retailers and cellphone stores need a POS that gives them everything they need to make tracking repairs easy; they need a holistic point of sale that will work for them.

To outline a few of the many nuances surrounding repair, iQmetrix hosted a repair webinar series; five installments of repair related insights so help businesses thrive. In part one of the series, repair expert Kelly Jardine walks through a how RQ allows store owners to customize their repair module in RQ to suit the unique needs of their business. This includes pivotal operational features like how to set up different repair types based on your unique menu of services, assign associated products, and create mandatory fields that must be filled before a repair can be processed.

So, what can you expect from Kelly in this first repair webinar in the series?

Customized fields

Create the fields you need filled out by technicians and ensure you have the right information with every repair. Use a checklist, dropdown menu, or text field to create frequently used selections to speed up the time it would take to create new requests and order these options the way you want. With a 100% customizable system, you can collect anything you need.

Service Request Type

With this function, you’ll have the ability to add different repair options for each type of phone or device. Add work notes and comments with the option to add them to a repair order to print on the service request or not – allowing as much transparency to your customer as you feel is helpful to them.

Repair Types

It’s easy to choose your repair type when the system is built for your business’ needs. Start by adding device details to the service request type setup then follow by adding whatever custom fields you’d like to set up on the request type. You can also make fields required to ensure employees do not skip steps or miss the fields with the information you want to be captured. You can get even more detailed and make these fields required only at certain steps of the request, or when the repair is in a certain status. In setting up the request type, you can make the flow the same for each interaction in deciding what questions you want your employees to ask the customer. This also helps with delivering a uniform experience every time.

Control Center

You can train your staff to use the Operations Console in RQ to see what service requests are open for your technicians. From the Operations Console screen, you can create a new service request, add or create a new customer, and choose the device type/​model. Once you select the repair type, any associated SKUs will be added. If the scope of work changes once the fix is completed, you can remove or add SKUs from the sales screen.

The new RQ repair is ready to serve you and your unique repair service business. To find out all the streamlining details, why not check out the full video of this first repair webinar.