ICYMI: MWC 2019 in Los Angeles

Last week, we attended Mobile World Congress (MWC) Los Angles, a three-day, tech focused, B2B event featuring exhibit halls, presentations, and endless networking opportunities. This year’s theme was Intelligent Connectivity, and in case you missed it, or want to relive some key learnings, below is a recap from our perspective.

IoT is more than just things” of connected devices

True to the theme of Intelligent Connectivity, there was a lot of talk and display around Internet of Things (IoT). But it’s clear that IoT is going to be so much more than the fusion of connected devices; it’s how we can connect systems, provide unified visibility, make real-time decisions, and get deeper insights. Our very own Stacy Hamer, VP of Operations, presented on IoT in Retail and how that will impact the shopping and purchase experience. She spoke about both the store of today and the store of the future and what those two should look like, how 5G impacts it, how that impacts the customer, and some of the ways we at iQmetrix have been helping retailers accomplish their in-store technology goals. 

5G will accelerate IoT

While a lot of IoT technology exits today, it isn’t nearly to the extent that will be possible with 5G. Since 2018, 5G has come a long way, with impressive implementations and tests from all of the major carriers, especially Verizon and Sprint. One of the keynotes focused on Getting 5G Business Ready,” and called for businesses to educate themselves and their teams on both 5G and IoT, as it will impact everyone in ways that we likely don’t even understand yet. The reality is that whether you’re a hardware provider, software provider, or retailer, 5G promises a new era of connectedness and will impact everyone in the technology industry. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check out our whitepaper, How Will 5G Impact Wireless Retailers?

AR, VR, and Robotics implications and lack thereof.

There were a lot of displays with cool gizmos and gadgets as it related to AR, VR, and Robotics. While it’s neat to see and fun to try out some of them, such as a robot moving a stuffed toy from one counter to another, there still seemed to be very few real-world implementations or clear implications. The Verizon booth had one of the best examples where they were testing an AI overlay using a mobile device to showcase nutrition details on food products. 

Women4Tech accelerating awareness on lack of diversity in mobile.

It was great to see such a large focus around the Women4Tech portion of the event this year. It featured speed coaching and networking, panel discussions, and presentations addressing the topics aimed at creating a better, more inclusive future for all. They aim to shatter the glass ceiling and challenge the lack of diversity in the mobile industry which is definitely something close to my heart. Props to the GSMA team for continuing these important initiatives!

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