Going Mobile with Your POS

According to Forrester, it is estimated that 86% of all U.S retail sales are still being completed in a brick and mortar store but customer expectations of these stores are changing rapidly. Forrester is estimating that 53% of all purchase decisions are becoming digitally influenced. Customers are becoming more and savvier and they expect that their shopping experiences follow suit, demanding that some of the online shopping features they know and love are also available in-store. This includes access to detailed product information, ratings and reviews, easily comparable products, and the ability to skip long lines. Retailers are needing to find a way to meet these customer expectations; a task that has proven to be tricky but it’s made easier with mobile technologies. So, in order to stay competitive, you need to be thinking about how a Mobile POS can play an integral part of your stores to meet customers’ expectations.

A hand-held mobile POS enables your associates to have better interactions with customers, releasing them from the confines of a desktop terminal when completing a transaction or facilitating a conversation on the sales floor. They are free to walk around the store and help customers without disrupting a customer’s path to purchase. Having the ability to finish a sale and provide useful product information to the shopper right then and there is a powerful tool in delighting customers and meeting their expectations.  A happy customer means a loyal one and what better way to make a customer happy than cutting down their wait time with the help of your handy sidekick; a mobile POS.

So, you’re thinking of adding a Mobile POS sounds like a good idea. You’d be right! But what should a Mobile POS include? We have put together 4 features that are must-haves to help make the move to a mobile POS a useful one.


Customer Relationship Management

Having the ability to look up customers past invoices and interactions with your company allows your staff to be prepared for questions a customer may have about their purchase history, past visits, or complementary products and accessories. This is also is a great opportunity to know what customers have purchased in the past, and offer suggestions, making the customer feel like your sales associates really care about them. It’s the first step to creating a memorable experience that keeps a shopper coming back for more.  


Point of Sale with Integrated Payments

Having a mobile POS that allows to quickly and efficiently finish a sale with integrated payments means a transaction can be finished right where it started, even when that is away from your desktop Having a way to take payments away from a stand-up desktop terminal reduces wait times for customers while also meeting them exactly where they are in their purchase process – literally. If your system lacks integrated payments, it creates a disjointed sales process for the customer and we all know that payments is the necessary transactional piece that should feel like a dream; so smooth you almost don’t remember it happened.


Drop Ship Fulfillment Solution

A drop ship service is one that lets you send items from a vendor or fulfillment location right to your customers’ Having this tied directly into your mobile POS makes you inventory lighter and valuable shelf space more manageable, all while offering more options for customers to purchase away from behind a terminal.


Integration with a Desktop POS

While a mobile POS is a game-changing tool, it’s essential that it is interconnected with your desktop POS. No one wants to have to do double-entry to keep sales and customer interaction up to date! And having updated date in real time means numbers like profit and loss are always up-to-the-minute and you can stay in the loop. You’ll have an eye on every transaction as it happens with visibility from both your stand-alone and mobile POS terminals.


Don’t let yourself be the odd one out! Satisfy the growing customer desire of wanting to be mobile in-store. Keep your brick-and-mortar locations looking sleek, savvy, and cord-free by offering a different solution for customers to complete their transaction. That’s the brilliance of a mobile POS.

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