From AI to Z: What to Expect from CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins next week and it will be the world’s gathering place to showcase all of what’s new and what’s next in technology. With innovations and showcases from global players, a few key themes are likely to arise. Here’s what you can expect from CES 2019.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Machine Learning

These are some of the hottest topics today and not only are they driving market changes, these developments also are rapidly changing day-to-day life as we know it. So, where is this industry headed? Let CES help you look into the future! At this event, you will learn how these evolving technologies are being used today and what is predicted for tomorrow, next month, and next year. If these intelligent technologies are of interest, then you’re in luck! There will be robots. Lots and lots of robots.

Autonomous Vehicles

As a branch of robotics, self-driving solutions will affect many industries including automotive, mining, agriculture, construction, and defense. Without a human driver needed to power these vehicles, it opens a world of possibility for what machines can help these industries achieve. CES 2019 can be expected to bring the latest autonomous developments and you’ll have the exclusive chance to see them up close and personal. Get some face time with the future of transportation.

Consumer Electronics

While CES promises every topic under the technology sun showcased at their event, this year there will be a focus on a few major themes including the IoT and how it’s connecting us in our cars, at work, or at home. You’ll also notice lots of tech focusing around lifestyle digital health including wearables and how they are measuring health, movement, tracking performance, and using data to guide improvement. Not only that, but CES will discuss how these health-centered technologies are changing the industry as a whole. You’ll also see a trend of kids and family; specifically how technologies are connecting parents to their children – the future of baby tech. And of course, there will be lots of random gadgets, gizmos, and things for the gamers.

Digital Money

What’s the point of developing all these technologies if money isn’t eventually changing hands? But in today’s digital world, it’s rare for money to physically be handled. See how cryptocurrencies and technologies such as mobile, robotics, voice, and biometrics are affecting traditional commerce.

High Tech Retailing

No matter what products people are buying, they want unique customer experiences. At CES you’ll learn about new technologies enabling the retail customer experiences of the future whether it’s a new POS, interactive screens, connectivity, VR, commerce, and so much more.

Race to 5G

Today’s LTE networks are facing increasing congestion and as 4G connections grow around the world, 4G network speeds are trending down. Therefore, there is a race to be the global leader in 5G technologies. And while the US is definitely in the race, it will be interesting to see what happens as countries around the world convene in one place to talk network speed.

iQmetrix will be at CES again this year showcasing our latest in retail technologies and we want to talk shop with you! Whether you’d like to book a meeting with our experts or discuss industry trends at our cocktail reception at Momofuku in the Cosmopolitan, we’ll be ready to help you strategize. Come say hi!

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