Bootcamp Takes on the Back-Office

Back-office really means backbone — especially when it comes to your business. The 2019 iQmetrix Bootcamp is the perfect place to strengthen your back-office processes and exercise your tried and true practices to see where you measure up against the best in the business. Join the iQmetrix team in the Windy City to perfect your operational know-how. You’ll be glad you did. 

Here’s why:

Whether you’re in charge of finances, operational efficiencies, reporting, or inventory, Bootcamp has the expert-led sessions that will make you a master of your craft.

Money on Your Mind

If you’re a finance wiz, you should attend our advanced general ledger session; Creating a General Ledger Expert. You’re not the only one with G/L questions and this is your chance to get all the answers you need to dig into all the G/L data, mapping, options, reporting, and so much more.

Hello, Operator?

Want to be a better operator? Bootcamp makes it possible! With operational sessions on a variety of topics, you’ll hone your operational tactics with auditing best practices, data integrity, settings, and configuration, and advanced reconciliation, all while learning how to save time and automate data. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Always Data-Driven

Keeping an eagle eye on everything that happens across your business, whether you have one location or several, can be a trying task. No longer! Bootcamp’s reporting sessions give you the tools to create, run, and analyze the reports that make a difference. Be sure to attend the High Level: Business Intelligence session to discover how to best use your BI functionality and build a strong foundation for creating custom reports. And if you’re wanting a deeper dive, Mastering Advanced Report Analysis is for you! See what should (and shouldn’t) be compared, and explore the comprehensive functionality that keeps you safe from harmful inefficiencies.

Take Stock of What Matters

We didn’t forget about inventory! As the lifeblood of your business, we know accurate stocking is a MUST. If you’re new to an inventory role or want to know what the best practices are, be sure to attend our two complementary sessions A Day in the Life of an Inventory Manager Part 1 and 2. The first session will teach you how to maximize the existing and up-and-coming inventory functionality in RQ. Then, move onto part 2 where you’ll cover topics like checking inventory status, min/​max levels, transfers, purchase orders, reconciliation, and so SO much more.

The Bootcamp team cares about the back-end so we’ve covered all the bases. If you didn’t hear a session that applies to your role, check out our full agenda! We’ve only covered a portion of what Bootcamp has to offer and with other sessions like Everything You Need to Know About Hub, Inventory in Hub, Mastering Advanced Employee Commission, a Deep Dive into Business Intelligence — to name a few — there truly is something for everyone.

Bootcamp is only two weeks away! If you want in on all the RQ expertise, join the team in Chicago, IL from May 5 - 7, 2019. With limited spots left available, don’t wait!