App is The New Black: How myRQ is Changing the Game for On-The-Go Retailers

From study to study, use-case to use-case, it’s been proven time and again that mobile matters. First it was consumers expecting brick-and-mortar stores to have a streamlined online presence and now, mobile is taking over the back-end of businesses. Enter myRQ.

Starting as a locally-hosted, web-based program, myRQ has been revamped and reinvigorated so that it can be exactly what retailers need. Now an application all its own, myRQ is faster, more adaptable, and with greater functions than ever before. Here’s everything you need to know to harness this software and make strategic decisions on the go.

So, What is myRQ?

As any wireless or repair store manager will tell you, their job takes them all over the map. From location to location, they’re always on the go and checking up on stores to ensure everything is in top shape. All this moving around can have managers feeling bogged down in the small stuff” and not having enough time to focus on what matters. myRQ provides owners a way of regularly monitoring performance and supports the operational needs of their employees for multiple locations all from their smartphone. An app for iOS and Android, myRQ works to alleviate the pain points experienced by managers when they can’t be in store so they can be on the road and still get the job done.

Goodbye, Web-Based. It’s Been Nice…

…But an application is our paradise. When myRQ was hosted on the web, users found that there would be periods of slow service and that insights were hard to analyze when they’re not on a personal computer. With the move to a mobile application that can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet (using the two compatible operating systems), users are able to receive real-time notifications base on their self-curated interests, view personalize-able dashboards, and make decisions that create the necessary building blocks that help managers reach their goals.

What’s more, a native application means more flexibility. One of the most significant examples of this increased functional flexibility is the newly added feature push-notifications.” If you want to get notified about how your iPhone pre-sales are performing every hour on the hour, use push-notifications to send these metrics right to your device.

And it wasn’t by chance that myRQ moved away from its legacy platform. We did some digging through the back-end of the previous myRQ web solution and realized that 70% of the time users were accessing a report, they were looking at performance groups. We also learned that not everyone cared about the gross profit of all accessories sold but rather wanted to focus on the total quantity sold. With different measurements of performance and a new platform, the myRQ team was able to create a dashboard that shows you the metrics that matter most to your unique business.

More Than a Facelift

With a newly revamped software and a brand-new app, it’s safe to say myRQ got a bit of work done. With new features and functionality to make this app what users want it to be, myRQ is more than just a pretty interface. So, what all can one expect from this fresh-faced application? Let’s dig deep and find out.

Multi-System Compatibility

Whether you’re an Android-user or are a dedicated follower of all things iOS, myRQ has you covered. Available in the App Store and on Google Play, this downloadable program is available for both devices. No need to buy a new device or upgrade early; install the app and start making on-the-go decisions today!

Security and Permission Management

RQ users have pre-established permissions for their desktop workstations and wouldn’t it be a pain if they needed to enter those permissions again? The myRQ development team thought so too! That’s why all allowances from RQ will transfer over to the application. All that’s needed is for a user to log in and voila! It’s exactly as they intended on a workstation. This means that users who can see RQ reports and can perform actions like creating manager override codes will be able to in myRQ. All permissions are defined by those established in the RQ flagship software. It’s that easy!

Custom Dashboards

While there are insights, reports, and analytics that all retailers across the board find useful to monitor on a daily, or even hourly, basis, it’s likely that your business monitors unique reports that help to drive success in your unique store. Knowing that one wireless or repair store is not the same as another, the myRQ team looked extensively into the reports that were most commonly run and what data was included on those reports; what we found was that there are more differences than similarities. This was where customized dashboards were born.

myRQ - Custom Dashboards 1myRQ - Custom Dashboards 2

Retailers — like you — know their business best and should have the ability to set up dashboards and metrics in a way that is meaningful with data that is more important to themselves and their staff. Create these dashboard screens from your personal combination of the following metrics:

  • Performance group sales, profit, or quality sold
  • Gross sales, net profit, total quantity of products sold

Combine these metrics to create valuable reports or compare them at any level of the company tree.


APIs, otherwise known as Application Platform Interfaces, help programs connect and interact with each other creating streamlined processes. What does this mean for your business? Real-time data in seconds because we’ve built a single version of the application that is built to work across all versions of RQ. 

Push Notifications

You read that right! Clients have been pining over a functionality like this and our development team made it happen. It was found that users of RQ were interested in getting the same data multiple times a day to see how their stores were performing.

myRQ - Push Notifications 1myRQ - Push Notifications 2

With this insight, we added a feature to let users set up push notifications for any day or time. It’s the RQ details you want when and where you want them.

Manager Override Codes

Not only does the new myRQ app profile performance data, but it also allows for users to complete common operational tasks if their permissions allow.

myRQ - Manager Override 1myRQ - Manager Override 3myRQ - Manager Override 2

This functionality was widely used in the legacy web-based myRQ, so we kept the function and added some enhancements to make it new and improved. Now, users can modify the expiration of an override code (date and time) and have the ability to text codes to their employees rather than sending them an email — we know that associates are much more likely to catch a text message before their check their email. Send mass texts from in-app rather than copying and pasting into a message. While this is a small feature, it’s sometimes the little things that make the biggest impact.

Make myRQ Your Own

Want these features and functionalities for yourself? It’s never been easier to get all that this new app has to offer right at your fingertips. If you have myRQ in your toolkit already, you just have to download the app from any online application store. Log in and you’re good to go!

If you don’t have myRQ enabled, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Get in touch with your iQmetrix Client Manager. They’ll enable myRQ for your account.
  2. Download the application to a tablet or smartphone.
  3. Log in to the myRQ app using your RQ login credentials. 
  4. Enjoy the power of on-the-go strategic decisions.

There have been leaps and bounds made with myRQ in the past year. From a less-than-lightning-fast web-based platform to a smooth, sleek, and seamless downloadable application, myRQ is now what a retailer on the go needs.

Whether you’re a wireless dealer, a repair store, or retailer of niche products like shoes, wine, liquor, pet supplies, and more, myRQ will help you better analyze data, keeping your finger on what matters — literally.