5 Reasons You Can’t Miss the 2022 Telecom Industry Address

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: pumpkin-spiced lattes, a new wardrobe of sweaters, and — of course — the iconic Telecom Industry Address.

We are very happy to announce that the 2022 Telecom Industry Address, hosted by iQmetrix, will be held on Wednesday, October 19, at 11am ET.

But why (we hear you ask) should you spend 90 minutes engaging with this virtual keynote, when you could be crunching through the fall leaves and pre-eating your kids’ Halloween candy? 

Here are five great reasons:

Expert Telecom Industry Insights

We get it. You’re a busy professional, and it’s challenging to keep up with wider industry trends. But don’t worry — we’ve got you. The 2022 Telecom Industry Address will tap into the on-the-ground knowledge and a whole year of learnings from our expert team, who will discuss what’s been happening and how it will affect your business.

New Technologies to Transform Your Business

Telecom retail is ever-changing — and so is the technology that supports it. Learn how future iterations of telecom retail management solutions are becoming increasingly modular and lightweight, ultimately helping you create an uplifting customer experience. Find out how a new iQmetrix platform is transforming the device activation process with innovative, low-code technology. These solutions answer the needs of connected-device retail, both today and tomorrow. 

Additional Tools to Help Your Retail Operations

We have some exciting additions to our partner ecosystem to share with iQmetrix clients (and those considering becoming clients), as well as updates to existing integrated partner platforms, all of which will make your lives easier in so many ways. 

A Look at the iQmetrix Brand Story and Overarching Vision

Here at iQmetrix, we’ve had an exciting year of company evolution and strategic acquisition that has taken our name global. Find out how iQmetrix is creating the endurance and vision to continue to support your company every inch of the way, as you skyrocket into the stratosphere!

It Doesn’t Cost a Dime

This virtual event is 100% free of charge — so bring the whole team for a watch party! 

We’re confident that after 90 minutes packed with expertise and insights, you’ll come away with renewed energy, fresh perspectives, and effortless solutions to drive your telecom retail operations forward. 

Register to save your free spot today!