2021 Telecom Influencers to Watch

Telecom is an industry of constant change. Whether it’s new networks, more powerful devices, increased avenues of purchase, or a next-level personalized service, retailers in the industry are always looking for ways to improve their services.

But with business to run, employees to train, and customers to serve, telecom retail owners can’t always do the investigation into the latest trends themselves. They depend on industry experts who share their insights, forecasts, and research that will power the future of telecom.

In 2020, iQmetrix compiled a list of influencers who were seeing successes in an unpredictable year. A New Year brings fresh ideas to the forefront and with that, new influencers that are a must-follow. Here are iQmetrix’s top 2021 thought-leaders for retailers who want to stay on top of not only telecom retail trends but also shifts in the telecom market at large.

Tamara McCleary, #1 Most Influential Woman in MarTech

Tamara is a lifelong learner who has had an unconventional path towards her career in technology. A helicopter trauma nurse, cancer researcher, Silicon Valley medical technology advocate, podcast host, keynote speaker, CEO, technology futurist, and Harvard student are just a few of the titles Tamara has held. B2B Marketing named her the Most Influential Woman in MarTech and Klear has ranked Tamara in the top 1% of Global Thought Leadership; she is ranked in the top 5 as a leader in artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, and digital transformation.

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Evan Kristel, B2B Technology Influencer

With an cumulative online following of over 400,000, it’s no surprise Evan is near the top of our list. As a thought leader in the B2B space, he has an interesting perspective on a variety of topics including mobile, blockchain, cloud, 5G, HealthTech, IoT, AI, digital health, cryptocurrencies, augmented reality, virtual reality, Big Data, analytics, CyberSecurity, and the social media landscape.

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Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief at Light Reading

With over two decades of experience writing about networking, telecom, and internet companies, Phil has been a staff writer, contributor, and editor for UPSIDE, Red Herring, D CEO, and CRN. Before taking his post as Editor-in-Chief, Phil was a part of the writing and editing team at Light Reading. Balancing personal and professional interests, Phil loves writing about photography (specifically film cameras), carrier security, broadband access, smart cities, and gin-based cocktails.

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Reshma Saujani, Founder & CEO of Girls Who Code

A speaker at the 2019 iQmetrix Meetup, Reshma is a passionate advocate for closing the gender gap in technology and powered onto the public stage as the first Indian American woman to run for US Congress. While her focus may not solely be on telecom, Reshma’s pulse on the latest technologies will lend inspiration to any retailer in the industry.

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Diana Adams, Co-Founder of Adams Consulting Group Inc.

As a tech journalist, Diana is an active blogger in the telecom space with over 5,000 publications under her name. As a social media influencer for Ericsson Digital and Ericsson Networks, Diana’s passion for digital transformation focuses on the IoT, artificial intelligence, mobile technologies, big data, cloud computing, and machine learning.

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Jeff Mucci, CEO & Editorial Director for RCR Wireless News

Jeff has 20 years of experience in running the daily operations for many businesses in many industries including real estate, energy services, wireless, and telecom. Throughout his career, Jeff has held leading roles for a regional DSL company backed by Morgan Stanley, Nautic Partners, and Spire Capital; a nation-wide, multifamily reconstruction service company; a diversified holding company with an interest in real estate, energy services, and broadband IP communications; a facilities-based CLEC; and a Goldman Sachs backed, industry-leading broadband wireless service company.

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Dean Bubley, Founder of Disruptive Analysis

Self-proclaimed as snarky but right,” Dean is a tech futurist with a strong interest in wireless, telecom, and the Iot. With 25 years of experience, Dean is regarded as an independent technology industry analyst, speaker, and consultant. He is a leader in covering topics like 5G, telco business models and regulations, the future of voice and video, and the emergence of blockchain and AI. Dean’s articles, posted on Twitter, LinkedIn, and the Disruptive Wireless blog, provides informed, contrarian commentary on telecom, IT, policies, and regulation.

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