The RQ Reporting & Analytics solution provides comprehensive reporting across every aspect of your business from sales, marketing and customer service to inventory management, human resources and finance.

Reporting & Analytics

In today’s hyper-competitive world, dealers must react quickly to changing market conditions and customer demands. Access to accurate reporting is critical for effective planning and goal setting, and for optimizing your day-to-day operations. RQ Reporting can help you improve top-line and bottom-line performance.

Increase Gross Margins, Attachment Rates & Profitability

  • Grow Your Business: Monitor sales by category, product and location to ensure you sell and stock the products and accessories that are in demand.
  • Maximize Profitability: Every sale is an opportunity to maximize revenue and profitability. RQ Reporting gives you deep insight into sales, costs (including discounting and refunds) and profit down to each individual invoice, so you can increase attachment rates and focus on products that improve gross margins.
  • Optimize Sales Performance: Motivating employees is essential to growing revenue. RQ Reporting gives managers and employees access to real-time performance metrics, including opportunities, sales and commissions. It also lets you track and measure sales contests and rewards programs, to increase employee engagement and drive sales during important periods.
  • Real-time Insight for Effective Decision-making: RQ gives owners and managers access to real-time metrics and reporting so they can quickly identify and respond to trends and patterns. Executive dashboards and reports give insight to how the company is performing against goals – including profitability, sales productivity and performance, inventory, shrinkage and general logistics.

Improve your Bottom-line

RQ Reporting and Analytics allows you to monitor and improve key financial and inventory processes, to improve the accuracy of key processes such as carrier reconciliations and inventory, and more effectively manage costs and improve business operations

  • Streamline and Improve Carrier Commissions: RQ Vendor Reconciliation reports let you quickly review and reconcile carrier commissions and adjustments. They can also help to quickly settle disputes by letting you access and send original invoices to the carrier.
  • Optimize Inventory Across Locations: Managers and warehouse staff can ensure you have the right products at the right place and the right time. With RQ Reporting, you can gain insight to current inventory levels; set inventory minimums, maximums and pricing from one centralized location; and auto-generate purchases or transfers based on reported inventory levels. Quickly identify and eliminate dead stock by tracking aged serialized inventory.
  • Accelerate Cash Flow: Quick access to key financial metrics (including cash on hand, un-reconciled invoices, purchase orders and bill payments) allows you to improve the accuracy and speed of your financial operations and increase your cash flow. Monitor aged accounts to ensure accounts receivables are up-to-date; stay on top of in-store cash management processes including cashouts, cash-ins, drawer audits and skims; and improve accounts receivable by monitoring sales, refunds and bill payment processes.

Flexible Reporting Tools that Let You Quickly Find, Customize and Share Key Metrics

RQ Reporting and Analytics delivers the information you need to make fast and effective business decisions:

  • Powerful search tools make it fast and easy to find any report. Search by location or region.
  • Filter and sort reports to quickly access specific information. Sort and arrange information by title; freeze columns for easier viewing; filter by columns to get different views of the data or quickly create performance groups (such as grouping results by location to get location specific sub-totals for better comparison).
  • Customize and share reports. RQ Reporting gives you the ability to customize and share any report. Filter and hide columns; sort on multiple columns to create specific report views. Group columns to further filter report views.
    For example, you can group an invoice report by location to get a custom view that shows invoices by location, including sub-totals. Once you’re done, you can easily share the report by setting the appropriate permissions.

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