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myRQ is a web application that grants you an access to critical operational analytics and key RQ functionalities, so you can monitor performance and manage your business when away from your laptop or an RQ terminal. 

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myRQ lets all levels of employees access customizable metrics and tools to monitor their performance and accomplish tasks on the go.

Store and district managers can view real-time reports and access key information, including punched-in users, customer profiles, inventory details and employee info. They can even perform key business operations related to CRM and HR, including override codes and approving time off.

Unlike any other mobile reporting app, myRQ engages staff and drives results through personalized performance dashboards. Allow staff to track their progress and motivate them to exceed their targets.

Run your business from anywhere with the all-new myRQ.

Key Benefits

Stay Connected, Anywhere

myRQ lets all employees connect with RQ on any mobile device. Get on-demand insight, stay on top of your business and support your team while you’re away. myRQ bulletins make it easy to communicate with staff and ensure they’re aware of new promotions and price changes.

Maximize Key Information to Drive Performance

myRQ grants executives and managers access to the key operational metrics, highlighting the business performance in a concise and easy-to-digest format – allowing for better, faster decision-making in a highly competitive marketplace. Reviewing individual sales performance and commissions through myRQ drives desired behaviors and enables peak performance.

See Only What You Need to See

myRQ displays pertinent, customized information in a user-friendly format, showing you only what you’re looking for and saves you time locating the appropriate report in RQ. Default dashboards are designed for specific roles and responsibilities, helping you monitor performance at a glace.



Punched-In Users: Managers can quickly monitor and manage staff levels at any time of the day.

My Work Schedule: Staff can view their upcoming shifts as well as requested days off.

My Commission: Motivate salespeople by letting them track their commissions daily, weekly and monthly – right from the dashboard.


Manager Override Codes: An easy way to improve customer service. Store managers can create codes for any location, set the expiry date, choose the customer email to send it to, and choose from 16 security override types to select the codes they would like to generate.

Bulletin: Communicating time-sensitive information with your entire staff is easier than ever. Based on security level, you can post, view, edit and delete bulletins.

Request Time Off: You and your staff can choose the type of time off you’re requesting, select the date range, enter notes, and choose the manager to whom the request is sent.

Time Off Approval: Managers can review the request details and choose to accept or decline.

Employee Search: When conducting an employee search, the screen will pre-load with employees at a chosen default location – allowing for quicker access.

Customer Lookup: Search for customers by first or last name and quickly obtain their address, phone or email address.

Inventory Search:Find out what’s in stock using keywords, barcodes or product SKUs. Each result will display the item's name as well as the total stock levels at the chosen default location, as well as at other locations.


Performance Metrix: Easy to navigate Performance Metrix (e.g. Today vs. MTD; Today vs. Trending) are customizable to each manager’s responsibility, so they can focus on results by location, district or region.

Top Locations: See how the top locations are ranked based on profit or gross dollar amount.

Top Employees: See how your top employees are ranked in real-time.

Sales by Location: Monitor your sales volume, sales value and profit in each product type for a selected date range.

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