Endless Aisle


Virtual merchandising that goes beyond traditional brick and mortar limitations.

Imagine the best parts of online shopping… now imagine the best parts of in-store shopping. Our endless aisle solution blends in-store and online channels, enabling endless merchandising and fulfillment options for your customers. Retail worlds are officially colliding.

Samsung Launches Endless Aisle to Complete Their Omnichannel Experience

See how Samsung and their retail partners use endless aisle to make sure their customers get every item that they want. iQmetrix Endless Aisle integrates directly with their POS to ensure a seamless transaction.



Best Practices for Bringing Endless Aisle into your Retail Strategy

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Whitepaper - Bringing Endless Aisle into your Retail Strategy

Endless Product Choice for Them.
Endless Fulfillment Opportunities for You.

Size doesn't matter here! Offer endless products within any amount of space.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Headphones

Give 'em all you've got.

Our endless aisle solution takes your existing virtual merchandising strategy and brings it in-store. Products can be curated by type, color, top sellers, or any way you dream up.

Be the product expert in every story.

Give your customers the full scoop on all products so that they can make the right decision to purchase on the spot.

Sales staff can use iQmetrix Endless Aisle as a tool for guiding customers through the research stage of the retail experience.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Product Details
iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Order Completed

Your customers will always leave happy.

The best part: you can compete head-to-head with online retail. And win. Your customers can use Endless Aisle to have products shipped right to their homes. If they want it, you can get it. No more unhappy customers!

We deliver the technology so you can deliver the goods.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Browse and complete the sale in-store with the ability to ship to home or store.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Custom Categories

Custom Categories

Create categories, then organize your content any way you want to.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Related Products

Suggested Products

Highlight compatible or complementary products based on what people are browsing or buying.

Deliver Your Brand Story &
Connect in a Memorable Way

Offering an endless number of products means more stories can be shared.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Brand Story

Stay true to the brand your customers love.

Endless Aisle provides consumers with a compelling extension of your brand story while presenting endless product choice and fulfillment opportunities. Whether your customer’s journey begins online, in-store or somewhere in between, your brand story is received loud and clear.

Endless choice creates endless stories.

Like any good story teller, Endless Aisle engages the audience and delivers a memorable experience. By simplifying the shopping experience and bringing the best of online shopping in-store, Endless Aisle blends physical and digital elements and enables your stores to showcase an endless choice of products, without increasing your inventory risk or retail footprint.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Start Screen

Deliver your brand story.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Branded Start Screen

Branded Start Screen

Get your customers attention while staying true to your brand. Your customers won’t be able to keep their hands off.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Video Mode

Video Mode

Draw attention and prompt interaction with engaging video start screens during idle times.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Custom Theme

Custom Theme

Share your story with brand content, seasonal themes, unique product categories and messaging.

Managing Content is a Breeze

You need a system that can keep up with the ever-changing world of retail.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Manage Content

Stay one step ahead.

Our platform bridges the gaps among retail channels and makes sharing and optimizing content and product information easy. Content can be easily pulled from our Content Management System and pushed through in-store technology via our digital signage, POS, and endless aisle solutions.


Make the most of your assets.

Empower your marketing team to launch powerful and integrated campaigns across multiple channels with centrally-managed content. The same ads, images and brand messages can simply be controlled and pushed from a single platform to ensure consistency and timeliness on screen.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Branding Assets
iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Metrics

Powerful metrics for powerful insight.

Data, analytics, statistics… you name it, we love ’em. We built our endless aisle solution with metrics at the core. iQmetrix Endless Aisle brings all the valuable data you need to track your success including session time, products viewed, drop-off points and most importantly, conversions (just to name a few). These powerful insights enable you to quickly read and react to how your customers engage with Endless Aisle in your stores.

One-stop control shop.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates

Content added to Endless Aisle is pushed out within minutes enabling you to be agile with your messaging and promotions.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Rule-Based Categories

Rule-Based Categories

Endless Aisle features rule-based product updates, allowing you to set a rule and have new products automatically added to existing Endless Aisle categories.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Manage All Products

Manage All Products

Everything is managed in one place. Update once, deploy to all.

Built on our Powerful
& Flexible Platform

Connect to your existing tech stack.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle built on Platform

More rock-solid technology.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Unity 

Built with Unity

Built on Unity, Endless Aisle is able to deliver a rich customer experience through intuitive and habitual transitions and animations, all designed to scale the user experience.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Agile Deployment

Agile Deployment

By using Unity, we remain agile in how we can deploy across multiple form factors. With this agility, we can create new solutions and leverage unique OS functionality to control the user experience in a way that web solutions cannot.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle - Centralized Metrics

Centralized Metrics

Endless Aisle touch metrics are merged within our Enterprise Data Warehouse with analytics from other iQmetrix Platform components, then processed through our C# Reporting APIs and our Front End REST APIs for easy consumption.

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