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What Makes a Customer Loyal to a Wireless Store

By Madison Dufault May 29, 2017

When your customer needs a new phone, is it your store they think of? The only time I go to a wireless retail store is when I need to buy a new device.

That purchase is prompted by either a new phone release or the end of my contract. How do wireless retailers stand out to consumers in an oversaturated market? Here are a few of the reasons I choose to shop at a particular retailer for my device.

  • Selection of devices and accessories – If you don’t have the devices a potential customer wants you aren’t likely to make a sale. Having a varied selection increases the likelihood that you’ll make a sale. I usually walk into the store with a specific phone in mind, and no matter how good the sales associate is, they’re not likely to sway what I want. When I purchased my last device, I also picked up a screen protector and a new case.
  • Great customer service – Because most wireless retailers carry similar stock, one of the biggest differentiators is having great customer service. The in-store experience is crucial to making an impact and sale. Because the buying cycle can be so long for wireless customers, it’s important to make a big splash anytime a potential customer walks through your door.
  • Ease of check-out process – There is nothing worse than waiting in line for 30 minutes while the people in front of you are getting new phones set up. Watching a sales rep struggle with POS software when setting up a new cellular device can be quite painful. When sales associates and the software they use can perform a transaction effectively and efficiently not only will you provide a great experience for your customer but you’ll also be able to complete more sales.

Those are just a few of the reasons why I choose to shop at a specific wireless retailer. What do wireless retail stores do to keep you coming back?

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