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Interactive Retail Posts

A Clash In Expectations & Retail Reality

Mar 30,2016 — Megan Howse

I was out indulging in some retail therapy and came across a very common disconnect consumers are facing today – a mismatch between expectations and experience.

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Daily Dose of iQ: Neiman Marcus Matches Inventory to Digital Signage Promos

Oct 31,2014 — Jerome Valdez

Daily DOOH reported Wednesday (Oct. 29) that Neiman Marcus Last Call, in partnership with Scala, matched digital in-store ads with products the former hoped to boost in sales.

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RQ Tips: Best Practices in Tracking Door Traffic and Conversion Rates

May 06,2014 — Sarah Tuff

Recent media reports about foot traffic and location tracking have stirred up interest from our customers around what type of metrics dealers can produce from their RQ data. Are traffic counters a good idea? What are the key metrics we see our dealers incorporating into their reports when it comes to traffic counting?

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Content: The Keystone of Digital Signage

Jan 06,2014 — Anu Darbari

A lot of due diligence and deliberation goes into the deployment and installation of screens, media players and connectivity but one very critical element of the mix that can easily be overlooked is content.

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Daily Dose of iQ: Best Practices in Store Design and Navigation

Jun 25,2013 — Allan Pulga

"Few phrases conjure up more anxiety than 'we're lost,'" wrote Jeannie Walters of Customer Service Insights (June 21), describing using in-car GPS.

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Daily Dose of iQ: SoHo a Testing Ground for New In-Store Tech

Jun 10,2013 — Allan Pulga

Mashable's Lauren Indvik wrote a great article yesterday on how New York City's trendy SoHo district houses a couple "retail store(s) of the future": BaubleBar (pictured above) and Warby Parker, jewelry and eyewear e-tailers respectively, recently opened physical stores in SoHo.

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Daily Dose of iQ: Digital, Social Marketing on the Upswing (Obviously)

Jun 04,2013 — Allan Pulga

We came across a couple articles extolling the benefits of digital, interactive, social and consumer-relationship-building marketing today -- particularly for retailers.

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Digital Strategy Conference: Companies, Startups Try to Align Content with Business Goals

May 13,2013 — Shawn Mehler

As a content curator, I am often limited to only seeing the work in front of me and the corporate goals our company is working toward for the future.

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Daily Dose of iQ: PSFK and 'iQ by Intel' Use Digital Displays to Engage Customers

Mar 18,2013 — Allan Pulga

One of the topics we keep a close eye on in our Daily Dose blog is an area we develop our own XQ products for: interactive retail and digital signage.

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[VIDEO] Using Touchscreens to shop - iQmetrix at Dx3 2014

Mar 12,2013 — Allan Pulga

Link to original video.

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