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Who's in Charge of Managing Data at Your Wireless Retail Store?

Mar 30,2018 — Stacy Hamer

Wireless retailers have developed a reciprocal relationship with customers. The retailer provides an innovative omnichannel experience that is as seamless and customized as possible. In exchange, customers allow some of their personal information to be tracked, stored, and analyzed.

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Turning Data into Information; Why is it So Important?

Oct 31,2017 — Megan Slinn

Your business is likely always collecting data, and sorting through it all can be very overwhelming. Studies suggest that only 10% of data is necessary to answer everyday questions from your business operations. This is why wireless dealers need to break down their data into usable information — it lets you create solutions efficiently and lets you get back to focusing on business. 

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Don't Just Survive — Thrive This Holiday Season

Oct 16,2017 — Envysion

This holiday season you're going to have increased traffic. Are you prepared to maximize your sales with this influx of store traffic? Let’s say 30% of visitors to your wireless store make a purchase. That means that you have the chance to influence 70% of your customers to buy! While the exact percentage may vary in each of your stores, the key point is this: you need to take advantage of the opportunity to sell more in your stores. To be able to take full advantage of it, you will first you need to track it.

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4 Data Points to Track Customer Satisfaction

Aug 25,2017 — Tara Bartlett

Have you ever called a customer service number, and then sat on hold for 20 minutes? Not only was listening to the elevator music annoying, but you also spent 20 minutes of your life waiting to solve a problem that probably only took five minutes to fix.

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How Big Data Can Improve the Wireless Customer Journey

Jul 11,2017 — Danny Robinson

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to building relationships with customers. Just as a gift is more memorable when it is personally picked out for the recipient, a transaction is more successful when it is geared to the consumer's own self-image.

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How to Test the Success of Your Omnichannel Strategy

Jun 20,2017 — Marty Yaskowich

For wireless retailers' business strategies to succeed, they need to incorporate feedback. Companies pursuing an omnichannel approach should test different tactics and measure their results.

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Game of In-Store Technology: 4 Retailers Seeking the Throne

Jun 14,2017 — Brayden Gervan

If you are a regular reader of the iQmetrix blog, you know we talk a lot about the in-store experience, specifically, how to survive in a time when customers have everything at their fingertips.

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3 Simple Steps to Build Your Omnichannel Presence

May 25,2017 — James Westgate

Omnichannel retail strategies unite online and offline channels to deliver a unified shopping experience to customers. Today’s consumers no longer shop only in-store or online. Instead, they fluidly switch from one channel to another, expecting a seamless brand experience across brick-and-mortar, mobile, desktop, print, and more.

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3 Creative Ways to Use Data to Boost In-Store Traffic

May 25,2017 — Joanne Helm

The omnichannel framework—a must for large retailers and small- and medium-sized enterprises alike—directs companies to employ big data to better target consumers.

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3 Tips For Small Medium Business Success

May 16,2017 — Juan Sanchez

So, you’re a small/medium business (SMB); not selling lemonade on the corner, but not taking over multiple floors of a skyscraper. You’re somewhere between that massive gap.

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Become Data Driven to Optimize Seasonal Merchandising

May 02,2017 — Lana Chunn

What can we say about data? To quote the legendary country music star Tim McGraw, “I like it, I love it, I want some more of it,” and I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. 

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Customer Loyalty: What Keeps a Customer Coming Back?

Apr 21,2017 — Madison Dufault

There are a handful of brands that I’m extremely dedicated to. In most cases, I will go completely out of my way to shop at a particular store. But what is the secret ingredient to building brand loyalty? I know for myself there are a few key reasons why I choose to stay true to a brand.

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Key Takeaways from the Deloitte Consumer Review 2017

Apr 07,2017 — Marty Yaskowich

For the past few years, Deloitte has released an annual consumer review focusing on digital predictions. The Deloitte Consumer Review: Digital Predications 2017, published in March, analyzes the top innovations that alter the relationship between consumers and brands.

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