Ingenico Lane Device Setup

Here’s what you need to get started.

The Ingenico Lane 3000, 5000, 7000, and 8000 all use the same setup guide listed below. Please follow the same directions for any of those devices. All terminals currently support swipe transactions.

Log in to the iQmetrix Knowledge Center to check the status of EMV (chip) support availability

First Steps

Best Practice Recommendation

The Lane devices come with the newest security features available. One of the requirements you will see as a result of these enhancements is that when your device is left idle for a longer period of time, the device will automatically power cycle. With this in mind, we recommend you add the power cycling of your devices to your store-open or store-close activities. This will avoid power cycling happening midday.

Get Your Computer Up to Speed with the Latest (and Greatest) Drivers

Leave the new terminal in the box for now (or at least unplugged from your desktop) while we prepare the computer. This step can be done in advance of receiving the hardware.


  1. Click to download and unzip the file
  2. Navigate to the folder where the file was unzipped and locate IngenicoUSBDrivers_3.15_setup.exe
  3. Run 15_setup.exe file and follow all driver prompts with the default settings.

Configuring the Lane Terminal

Your terminal should arrive pre-configured for USB and does not require configuration on the terminal; once drivers are completed you can plug your device into the USB and power.

Configuring Your Terminal in RQ

1. Click Settings Console > Workstation Settings > Payment Devices

2. Click Add
3. Select the Ingenico Lane [x000] from the drop-down list

4. Select Serial/​USB as the communication type.
5. Select your Com port from the drop down list
6. Un-select NFC/​Tap under Device Capabilities (this feature is coming soon!).
7. Use the Test button to confirm device communication.

8. Click Load Key List to load the PIN key on the terminal. If prompted, click Save” first.
9. Once completed, click OK then Save. You may be asked to save again if you were previously prompted.
10. Your device is now configured and ready for use.


My device keeps power cycling mid-day. Why?

The Lane devices will power cycle every 24 hours when left idle for long periods of time. Ingenico has advised this is a security requirement on their end. To avoid this from happening midday, we recommend you add power cycling of your device to your store-open or store-close activities.

How can I tell which version of iQ Pay is installed on my workstation?

To confirm the version of iQPay you are running, look in Task Manager > Details > right-click on iQ.Pay.exe > Properties > click on the Details tab.

Unactivated Payment Terminal

If your payment terminal has not been activated for use with RQ and iQmetrix products, you will see the following error message above.

To activate your payment terminal, or if you feel you are receiving this message in error, contact iQmetrix Support or your Client Manager.

I’m receiving the Card Authorization Not Allowed error. What can I do?

NFC/​Tap support is coming soon to these terminals. Until then, having NFC/​Tap enabled under Device Capabilities can cause transactions to error out on attempt. Remove this setting, save, and re-attempt the transaction.

My device is only prompting to swipe cards

EMV is being rolled out throughout these devices; check the iQmetrix Knowledge Center for an update on EMV capability timelines.