Inventory Clean-Up

Cricket RQ SKU management service.

Are you looking to update pricing and purchasing information, or disable mass numbers of SKUs? Let us help and alleviate the resources needed.

Please allow up to three business days for the requested changes to be applied.

Package 1

Pricing Updates

This service includes updates to pricing attributes. This is eligible for enabled, regular stocked, non-serialized products.

Attributes: Store Type, Unit Price, Margin, Sale Begin, Sale End, Sale Price, Discountable, Non-Refundable (Days).

Package 2

Purchasing Updates

This service includes updates to purchasing attributes. This is eligible for enabled, regular stocked, non-serialized products.

Attributes: Primary Vendor, Minimum Quantity, Maximum Quantity, Lock Min/​Max

Package 3

Mass Disable of non-serialized SKUs

Is your database in need of a bit of cleanup? We will provide you a list of non-serialized non-Balaji or Alphacomm (marked as Primary Vendor) SKUs that can be disabled. You provide us with the final list, and our team with get those SKUs disabled.

Reporting & Data Services

Insight-powered results from store data.

iQmetrix Reporting & Data Services provide the ability for businesses to transform data into actionable information. Data visualization can be curated by type, color, top sellers, or any way you dream up; while providing the insight to empower all moving parts of a business to engage and inspire a great experience.


  • Custom Reporting
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Report Packages
  • Mobile-Friendly Reports
  • Reporting Managed Services
Viva Tracker Reporting

Effective Reports Mean Actionable Data

Capturing data is only beneficial if you can draw operational insight from its results.

iQmetrix provides a suite of reporting solutions so you can get on-demand data to empower your business. Our resources allow your report writers to create their own custom reporting or our team of data experts can help fulfill your vision.

Customized Reports
Customize your reports to fit your business using a number of our data solutions.

Data Visualization
Quickly draw insights from visualized scorecards and dashboards.

Data-Driven Subscriptions
Each employee can receive a customized report with relevant data to empower their performance.

Your Data Story
Track your data and discover better processes for your operations.

Biometric Security

Unmatched business security.

Directly integrated with RQ, Biometrics provides your company with an added level of business security – replacing passwords with fingerprint scanning technology.

By eliminating passwords, you are able to:

  • Accurately track and prevent fraudulent punches, discount and transactions.
  • Eliminate buddy punching”
  • Hold employees accountable.


Connect with your business and your team, anywhere.

myRQ is a web application that gives you access to a custom dashboard and push notifications so you can monitor performance and manage your business whether you’re at an RQ terminal or working remotely from a laptop.

The flexibility of myRQ means real-time access to metrics on the go. From monitoring key performance indicators to generating manager override codes to staying in touch with stores by pushing alerts to workstations, it’s everything you need to drive efficiency — all from the palm of your hand.