Ditching Your Legacy POS

Why It's Time to Move to the Cloud

Are issues with multi-store inventory, adding new features or integrations, or capturing and reporting on meaningful data making it a constant struggle to grow your business? It’s not you, it’s your legacy POS system. A cloud-based POS is an essential tool for delivering the integrated, omnichannel experience today’s consumers demand.

Join us for a tour of RQ, a leading cloud-based POS and retail management solution for independent retailers. We’ll walk you through highlights of RQ including POS, CRM, inventory management, HR and reporting, as well as 5 easy steps for ditching your legacy POS and finally making a clean break.


Your business is unique and deserves so much more than a out-of-the-box solution relying on factory-settings. RQ is the retail management system that is tailor-made to help you thrive and grow. Already powering over 20,000 independent retail locations across North America, join the thousands of stores who are backed by the best.

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