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Easily set up discounts, promotions, suggestive selling, taxes for your region, and more. Your employees will be empowered to confidently serve customers, supporting them in every way, from day one on the job.

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It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

...No, it's your lightning-fast transactions with RQ. The sales module is powerful enough to handle whatever volume of customers your retail store has—even on Black Friday. With active integrations, you'll be completing transactions faster than ever before ensuring increased sales revenue and a happy customer. What more could you want?

Suggestive Sale

Give Them a Complement

Complementary products, that is! When a customer shops for something new, go the extra mile by offering them other items that would pair nicely with their purchase. It's the perfect time to upsell and increase the transactional revenue with the sales console's suggestive selling functionality. Get rid of the guesswork and let add-on features help employees know what to sell. 

Suggestive Sale

Getting Engaged

Keeping employees engaged helps to create not only a great in-store experience for your customers but locks in optimized sales for your business. This console lets you track commissions and set up employee competitions that keeps your staff on the path to success. And with an intuitive interface, RQ reduces the learning curve so your team can get to selling. 

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