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Easily set up discounts, promotions, suggestive selling, taxes for your region, and more. Your employees will be empowered to confidently serve customers, supporting them in every way, from day one on the job.

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Make Sales Faster

Customizable Service Management

Let your team offer exceptional customer care for all your service requests with easy-to-follow and customizable workflows that track jobs from start to finish.

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Suggestive Sale

Give Them a Complement

Complementary products, that is! When a customer shops for something new, go the extra mile by offering them other items that would pair nicely with their purchase. It's the perfect time to upsell and increase the transactional revenue with the sales console's suggestive selling functionality. Get rid of the guesswork and let add-on features help employees know what to sell. 

Suggestive Sale

Getting Engaged

Keeping employees engaged helps to create not only a great in-store experience for your customers but locks in optimized sales for your business. This console lets you track commissions and set up employee competitions that keeps your staff on the path to success. And with an intuitive interface, RQ reduces the learning curve so your team can get to selling. 

RQ Features Sales

Sales Features


Use coupons and price sheet promotions to setup automatic discounts based on certain criteria. No need to remember a sale code. 

Suggestive Selling

Identify which products go together without memorization. With a click of a button, a new product can be added to the invoice. 

Cash Management

Enable single and multi-cash drawers, reconcile cash out to bank statements, view cash skim and audits, and get reporting on cashflows.

Sales Flow

Easily see sales based off a unique invoice SKU, which can easily be searched and refunded if needed. With our invoice editor, issues on an invoice can easily be corrected by admin staff without having to do a full refund to fix the back end. 

Sales Quotes

Generate sales quotes and orders and take deposits that can then be easily converted into an invoice.  


Manager overrides, floor pricing, and pricing settings let you manage product discount amounts for staff to abide by.

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