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Flexible Options

Your Data, Your Way

When it comes to reporting, your retail business has specific needs, so having a tool that can adapt is essential. Whether you simply want to run your business more efficiently or want to fully understand the metrics that inform beneficial choices, RQ's extensive reporting ecosystem gives you the power to make it happen. 

Access your transactional and customer information in a way that is meaningful to you. Whether that’s the raw details, a comprehensive chart, or through custom reporting, we have it all. Not only that, but you get to chose if you want the high-level overview or to get down into the analytical trenches—whatever it takes for you to see success. 

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Insights On The Go

Get access to what matters, whether you’re in the office or not. The myRQ app let's you use your smartphone to check in on metrics of success from anywhere. Keep a pulse on what's happening and inform you staff of important information as it happens. 

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Meaningful Insights

Secure Peace of Mind 

Management-enabled permissions ensure employees only have access to what they need to be the best at their job. This means a simplified back-end for them while you can rest easy knowing all the need-to-know information is only seen by those who need to see it. Data is under lock and your management team are the gatekeepers when it comes to who sees what.

Real-Time Accuracy

Real-Time Accuracy

Results on the status of your business—at any given moment—allows you to focus on areas that need your attention, stores that are under performing, or inventory trends for the busy weekend ahead. React to in-store situations when they happen to keep things running smoothly. 

Real-Time Accuracy
RQ Features Reporting

Reporting Features

Over 200 Customizable Reports


Customizable dashboards let you be informed without having to sort through spreadsheets so you can focus on bottom-line impact. 

Inventory Listing

Compare your system quantities to your inventory counts on a regular basis and view a company-wide list of products by location or category. 

Min/Max Adjustment

Anything but basic, this report enables you to view and change inventory minimums, maximums, pricing values, and more.

Product Detail

With extensive search criteria, including invoice #, product SKU, price, and customer (to name a few), get a detailed history of all products. 

Performance Metrics

Understand quantity sold, sales, profit, and margin displayed by performance group, store location, or employee. 


Can I schedule reports to run automatically and be sent to me by email?

Of course. How else can you and your team be reminded of the information in order to take action from it? You are able to decide when the reports should run and who should receive them. 

Is your reporting customizable?

Very. While we offer a ton of reports right out of the box, we know each business is unique. You can filter, sort and edit the reports as needed and save them as your favorites. But we also have a full business intelligence reporting tool for the step above. Take cubes of data to build what you need and schedule them to run automatically. 

Can everyone see all of the sales reports or profit margins?

No. Our reporting is all wrapped around our security settings so you can ensure sensitive information is only viewed by the appropriate people. 

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