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When a customer is looking for their next purchase, they're in the zone, browsing your extensive sales for the perfect item. RQmobile enables associates to take the transaction to the sales floor without disrupting the customer's path to purchase. They can provide support to the shopper right then and there and quickly close the sale without having to move to a point of sale workstation. It's that easy!

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Customer's Dream

Every Customer’s Dream

No customer wants to feel like they're a burden by taking up an associates time. By empowering employees to take the POS on the floor, customers know that they're supported by staff with a convenient and personalized service. Not only that, but without needing a static workstation, there's no need for a customer to wait in line to pay. It's the ultimate in-store experience that customers are sure to remember. 

Accuracy Bound

Accuracy Abound

Streamline the inventory management process from anywhere in-store with a quick scan of a bar code or entering of a SKU. You'll see what inventory you have in real time and eliminate errors. Finally you can kiss re-counts goodbye!

Accuracy Bound
Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank

By taking the transaction to the customer, you'll complete sales faster, increasing revenue and reducing walk-outs. It's just what you need to save and close every sale. What's more, you'll noticed a reduction in theft with associates front and center—there's always an eye on your merchandise.

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Mobile POS Features


Complete a sale and payment transaction through RQmobile. Reduce the wait time customers experience when all workstations are busy. 


No matter the type of transaction or item being returned, the refund flow is the same in RQmobile as on a stationary terminal. 

Customer Information

Use RQmobile to create, edit, and manage customer information. Everything stays up to date with a direct feed into your database. 

Inventory Counting

Reduce losses and shrinkage, speed up counts with automatic feedback, and minimize errors with easy, accurate counts and tracking. 

Dropship Integration

Satisfaction on the go! Dropship means customers can always get what they’re looking for (in stock or not) right from your mobile POS. 

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