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Full-Scale Transparency

RQ has a full inventory management system with centrally managed balancing, regional optimization, and integrated automated processes to optimize your stock levels.

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RQ POS Inventory Management
Increased Visability

Increased Visibility

Our global inventory tools make it easy to manage your inventory all in one spot, as well as create a real-time audit trail that determines an item's exact location at any time. View high-level summaries or dig into the details of inventory reporting; whatever item you're in search of, you'll know where to look. And with customizable preferences, you can keep a pulse on inventory in a way that makes sense for you. 


Protect Against Friends

Fraudsters Beware

From receiving and transferring to counting and selling, you can rest easy knowing the security of your inventory is ensured with added serialization of all parts and products. You'll be every thief's worst nightmare. 

Protect Against Friends
Information in Real-Time

Real-Time Knowledge

Want inventory harmony? RQ can help! Forecasting inventory trends has never been easier. With insightful reporting and analytics, you’ll stay ahead of demand, always stocking those fast-moving, must-have items. Those dreaded stock-outs and over stocks are a thing of the past.

RQ Features Inventory

Inventory Features

Inventory Counts

Enter inventory counts manually or via a scanner so you never lose a product. Unique identifiers on each sheet is a permanent record of the final count. 

Products Types

Create types for regular, non-stocked, vendor rebates, non-revenue, or gift card inventory. All profits and losses are tracked right in the GL per product. 

Purchase Orders

Order and receive inventory from various vendors for multiple locations. Speed up order time with a link to min/max capabilities. 


Permitted users can easily see what products are coming in and out of any location at a glance in this centralized transfer log.


Return Merchandise Authorization records, tracks, and reports product movements, credits and returns, repairs or replacements.


Vendor Managed Inventory creates automated linking of vendors and processes so you can carry less and sell more. 

Consignment Module

A supported consignment of any product—currently in stock—to an employee, customer, or location. 


Group related products together and offer a reduced price for customers who purchase this product combination altogether.

Product Serialization 

Create serial numbers for non-serialized products, keep track of stock counts, and prevent fraud. It's the ultimate theft protection in RQ. 

Carrier Pricing Sheet

Track rebates, commissions, SPIFFs all while ensuring the right price is always charged to a customer. 


How can you make inventory easy if I have multiple locations?

RQ offers you the ability to see stock and adjust levels remotely. From one location, you can view purchase orders, set min/max numbers, optimize VMI, and keep track of store-to-store transfers. It's all in one program!

Do I have to manually enter inventory information?

No way. You can set up an automated vendor managed inventory integration with your vendor or upload inventory via spreadsheets. 

Do you support online orders integrating into RQ?

Yes. We have various Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store or Reserve Online Pickup In-Store integration options depending on your online service provider. As long as inventory is stored centrally within the RQ system, your inventory totals will be automatically reflected online as well. 

Do you allow customers to order out-of-stock product to be shipped directly to them when available?

Yes. We call this integration Dropship. Customers can buy virtual and in-stock product all in one invoice and through integrations to our vendors, product can be shipped directly from the vendor to the customer without inventory ever changing hands. 

Can I order directly from the POS based on inventory alerts and reports?

Absolutely. We allow you to set minimum and maximum inventory levels with associated reports all by vendor for quick and easy ordering. 

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