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Never again be under or over staffed. With RQ's HR console, you'll have optimized templates, online request forms, and in-depth sales reports to help you create effective schedules faster than ever.

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RQ POS Employee Management
Streamlined Employee Functions

Employee Autonomy

Eliminating swivel-chair processes, this feature ensures all data is in one system, for employees and management alike. Complete security is enabled by permissions-based access so employees can find only what they need to do their job well, without all the bulk of extra, unnecessary information blocking their path to efficiency. 

Total transparency means management teams can easily view availability. Scheduling visibility also ensures staff have a clear understanding of their shifts, requests, and overall time sheets. Everyone is always on the same page.

Employee Commissions

Keep Commissions Comin'

Your staff is trained, confident, and ready to provide each shopper with the pinnacle of customer service. So, let's reward them!

To support your unique business and commissions needs, this customizable platform enables management to set up employee commissions in a way that works best for them and staff can see what they're earning at the click of a button. 

Employee Commissions
Increased Security

Increased Security

Management-enabled permissions ensure employees only have access to the essentials that make them great at their job. Not only does this let them focus on customer satisfaction, but this also means a simplified back-end for them and peace of mind for you. All data is under lock and management is the gatekeeper when it comes to who sees what.

RQ Features HR

Employee Management Features

Employee Commissions

Auto-track commissions by percentage margin and gross sales, SPIFF, and fixed or floating salesperson cost. 

Tiered Commissions

Take your tracking a step further with a tiered structure with auto-calculated commissions. 

Employee Details

Employee insights on custom dashboards let you keep a pulse on activities like commission structure, training, hiring, and more!


View shifts by week or month and use peak hours to determine schedules. It's all possible at the click of a button.

Punch Clock

Pivot through hours worked, completion of payroll, and reporting functionality for total transparency.


Identifiable passwords, complex characters, and hundreds of security roles and advanced settings keep your data safe. 


No more buddy-punching, fraudulent activities, or unauthorized logins. It's next-level protection. 


Can I set goals for my stores and employees and track those automatically?

Yes. We allow the ability to easily see store and sales person performance as well as setup performance groups to track progress against or even setup sales contests for your team easily viewed through sales and milestone widgets. 

How does my team see individual sales? Do they have to login each time?

Each employee should have their own login to RQ based on their security level. They can login via their username and password or with a biometric scanner. We also have an app for mobile devices called myRQ to view sales information on the go.

Can I access the system remotely?

Yes, there are a number of ways you can access the system remotely. Either with RQ installed locally to your desktop, with the myRQ app on your mobile device, or by accessing our Hub central management system. Each have varying functionality depending on your security role and what you are trying to achieve from sales information to inventory management or employee information. 

Do you offer custom fields that are both searchable and exportable?

Yes. RQ is very customizable so you can get the most out of the system tailored to your business. We have a search function on the home screen that allows you to search anything imaginable – from an invoice number, product sku, customer, etc. And every report can easily be exported in excel. But we try our best to make it so that you don’t even need to with customizable reporting, filtering, and sorting options!  

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