Retail POS with CRM Integration

A Complete View of Your Customers

Collect and analyze information from every transaction to know exactly what your shoppers expect from your business.

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Customers, Defined

Without management there can be no customer relationship. With RQ, you'll have a centralized storage unit of all your customer profiles. You can keep track of purchase history to enable a personalized experience, create accurate reports, and maintain inventory levels.

Not only that, but all information is centrally located meaning that customers receive the same great service regardless of where they interact with your store.  When it comes to satisfying shoppers, you'll be number one!


Customer Loyalty

Loyalty Begets Loyalty

When you're good to your customers, they'll be good to you. Shoppers don't want to have to find a new go-to every time they want to make a purchase, repeated or new. When your service is a cut above the rest, customers will come back, guaranteed!

Reward customers and incentivize repeat shoppers with customized programs that offer various payouts. Whether it's discounted items, redeemable points, or exclusive or limited-time offers, shoppers will jump at the chance to shop with you again. With RQ, setup and management of these programs is easy so you can focus on making customers happy. 

Customer Loyalty
Engaging Campaigns

Engaging Campaigns

Stay top of mind for your customers by delivering cost-effective targeted marketing through email, direct mail, and telephone initiatives. Pull insightful lists chalked-full of customer information to easily follow up and provide information about upcoming promotions and product releases.

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CRM Features

Customer Types

Set up company and customer profiles, view and track company accounts, and link customers to companies—all in one view. 

Customer History

Know your customer in one click by viewing activations, repairs, emails received, upsell opportunities, invoices, refunds, and more.

Customer Preferences

Set up customer-specific preferences including accounts receivable, contract type, and whether they accept checks. 


An affinity program gives customers points or serialized coupons for their loyal business and in return, you provide tiered rewards.


Stay top of mind with cost-effective targeted marketing through email, direct mail, and telephone initiatives. Follow up is easy with insightful lists.

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