Easy and Intuitive Point-Of-Sale

The iQmetrix RQ point-of-sale system is tailor-made for wireless. With functionality like the Activation Wizard and Carrier Integration for fast, error-free activations, as well as product recommendations and visible tracking for your staff, RQ is both intuitive and user-friendly.

Upgraded Reporting, Data, and Analytics

In the office or not, you'll always have the data you need to inform your business strategy. The Reporting module has hundreds of reports to choose from to provide sales and profits clarity, accessibility, and the ability to schedule regular reports to all stakeholders so that they can understand trends, insights, and their metrics. 

Advanced Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Get real-time inventory visibility for you and your staff. Our Inventory Management system enables functionalities such as store-to-store transfers and setting automatic minimums and maximums. Levels are set based on customer buying habits and are integrated to your vendors for a zero lag-time purchase order, replenishment, and fulfillment processes.

Streamlined Carrier Integrations, and Reconciliation

Connecting your system to your carrier’s is critical, and iQmetrix makes integration a breeze. Prevent errors on the front end with our carrier activation integration, which links directly to the point-of-sale. You can also easily manage rate plans and pricing changes, as well as reconcile back to the carrier with auto-reconciliation functionality.

Bridge Online to In-Store with E-Commerce

Today's customer expects an omnichannel experience; Buy Online, Ship to home; Buy Online, Pickup or Reserve In-Store, appointment scheduling, or showcasing your product catalog, location, and hours. Give your customers what they want with RQ, or ask our team to build your own custom integration solution!

Information in Real-Time

More than 20,000 independent retail stores
across North America use RQ to power their business.

RQ Features
We attribute a large part of our most successful day in the history of our company to RQ and how fast our staff could process sales.
JT Thome
COO, Cellular Sales

Pick and Choose for Your Complete Omnichannel Experience

Interconnected retail is what enables solutions to work together to put the customer at the center of the retail experience.

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Retail POS

RQ is so much more than a POS. This full-scale store operating system equips staff with the tools they need with RQ’s intuitive sales interface, advanced inventory management, and powerful reporting to monitor your growth.

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