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Our open APIs power a remarkable omnichannel experience. iQmetrix APIs are the connections that enable you to integrate your existing products with new and future systems.

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iQmetrix APIs

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of protocols and tools that allow you to interact with the iQmetrix ecosystem of services.

Unify Systems Through Integration

Unify Systems Through Integration

Unify your data and systems to ensure a single version of the truth exists for both you and your customers. In a nutshell, APIs mean no more outdated systems or technologies that can’t speak to each other.

Increase Efficiency + Automation

Increase Efficiency + Automation

Machines handle the workload that would otherwise require humans. API access allows for content or details to be created once and automatically published to all channels, reducing manual work and limiting room for error.

Enable Transactions Everywhere

Enable Transactions Everywhere

Create a wider reach for your business. Distribute information and services to new audiences with products like Endless Aisle, eCommerce, and Dropship for an omnichannel customer experience.

What Can You Build?

Omnichannel E-Commerce Integration

Integrate RQ directly to your existing e-commerce solutions to ensure your customers have a consistent experience online and offline. Enable fulfillment options like Reserve Online Buy In-Store, Buy Online Pick up or Return In-Store, and Buy Online Ship to Home.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration

Integrate your ERP system directly with RQ to avoid redundant processes and to streamline the managing of your business. This will allow for better inventory management and visibility, reduce manual imports and exports, and ensure a single source of true data.

Accounting Integration

Automatically record transactions from RQ in your accounting system with financials or commission data being tracked and shared in real time. This automation saves you time and helps avoid manual data entry mistakes.

Customer Managed Inventory (CMI)

One of the most common inventory issues is receiving the wrong items on a purchase order, which creates a nightmare in reconciliation with vendors. Our solution allows you to create an interface that allows you to streamline inventory. Use our APIs to automatically create thousands of purchase orders every day without the use of manual labor.

Third Party Authentication (3PA) + Auto Provisioning

Enable SSO integration which would allow your sales associates to log into RQ with their same credentials as they use on your other systems. You could also enable or disable users all in one place or easily manage their assigned locations.

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