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A Unified Experience Isn't Achieved With a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

iQmetrix's Enterprise Services is a specialized team dedicated to custom development requests and connecting systems. Be it integrations, APIs, project requests, or consulting, Enterprise Services has the expertise, capability, and speed to solve for your tight timelines, toughest challenges, and greatest opportunities. Book a free consultation today with one of our enterprise and carrier experts.

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iQmetrix Enterprise Services

Telecom Retail is Complicated

Multiple systems need to be connected to streamline your business

Managing multiple systems means you can’t focus on how you truly want to run your business or navigate market opportunities. With modern, customizable software that can integrate with any existing systems and business partners, as well as a team of experts that are available 24/7 to guide you, our solutions unify your core processes to put your business back in the driver’s seat, enabling you to drive continuous innovation.

Uncertain how to make changes to your
existing systems

Our dedicated consultants are experts in telecom retail, with over 20+ years of expertise. With around-the-clock support, our team offers services such as discovery, solutioning, and implementation based on your current technology and on your digital transformation goals.

Unable to deliver the Buy Anywhere experiences your customers expect

Ensuring consistent brand experiences—wherever, whenever, and however—requires a single source of truth. Having an intelligent retail management software that can integrate with your current systems to deliver consistency and unify processes is imperative to ensure that however your customer choose to interact with you, the experience exceeds their expectations.

Duplicate entry means slows processes

More manual work for your team produces frustrating bottlenecks. Automate core business processes to streamline your organization and increase productivity. With speed and flexibility, you’ll do more with fewer resources, create shorter processing times, increase quality of service, and make intelligent, informed decisions on-the-fly

Leverage the Exclusive Support and Industry Knowledge of our Experts

Telecom Retail Analysis

Our consultants will provide on-site discovery, solutioning, financial analysis support, and a report with recommendations for software and processes for updating your retail software solutions.

Retained Services

On-site or offsite, a dedicated team of experts is readily on hand to streamline requests for projects that need long-term engagement.

Carrier Services

Integrate and unify the customer experience across multiple carrier-owned and independent sales channels to get full visibility of information across all sales channels.

Implementation Services

To avoid the pain of managing complexities, our team can deliver migration or re-platforming services to support launch windows for smooth transitions and implementations.

Exclusive Support Services

Maintain your company as the primary support line for your customers with an integrated dedicated iQmetrix team for support. You’ll continue to solve your own customers problems confidently, with our help in the background.

Customized Reporting

Tailoring custom reports on the status of your business—at any given moment—allows you to focus on areas that need your attention, stores that are under performing, or inventory trends for the busy weekend ahead. React to in-store situations when they happen to keep things running smoothly.

Integrate Your Systems to Provide Seamless Experiences

Omnichannel-APIsCustom Integrations

Future-proof your business and achieve an overall streamlined solution for your entire ecosystem. Our team can build new APIs and endpoints to connect multiple, legacy, retail systems together. Connect to ADP, QuickBooks, Shopify, and so much more.

Carriers-omnichannelOmnichannel & Supply Chain Integrations

Create or optimize omnichannel fulfillment processes by enabling online to in-store, as well as inventory, Buy Online, Pickup In-store, and supply chain integrations to provide a consistent retail experience for your customer, whenever and wherever they want, no matter what path to purchase they’re on.

Integrated Solutions
Build or Upgrade Your Website

Whether you build it with us or integrate with your existing site, our website eCommerce Services are here to help customize your online journey.

Success Stories

See how other telecom businesses are leading the industry with iQmetrix

Custom Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) Development

A national carrier worked with iQmetrix to integrate their systems for their dealer channel. The result? Customers can now buy phones online on the carrier’s corporate e-commerce site and pick them up in any and all 5,800 stores.

Point-of-Sale & Retail Management (RMS) Integration

A national carrier wanted to customize their UI but didn’t want to give up the power of RQ. Our team built out APIs that allowed them to have their own front end, while leveraging the management capabilities of iQmetrix’s RQ for inventory, analytics, security, HR, and more across 5,200 locations.

Multi-carrier, Store-within-a-Store Inventory Reconciliation Integration

A client that sells wireless devices and rate plans out of 350 locations had two different retail systems to use when receiving inventory and needed to manually input into both. iQmetrix created custom APIs to integrate into their retail management software to help cut down manual labor, reduce human error, and streamline the inventory process.

iQmetrix has grown as we've grown, developing new solutions to help us to improve our business. When issues arise, they have knowledgeable and responsive agents ready to provide a quick resolution.
Levi O'Brien
Arch Telecom, 800 locations

iQmetrix Products

Deliver customer experiences that are world class while your competition settles.

Home-Page-RQ-BannerRQ POS + Retail Management

At the core of your retail needs is a strong retail management system and point of sale. Whether you use iQmetrix’s full end-to-end capabilities or integrate to other systemsRQ will serve as the central component to managing your retail operations. 

Carriers-Integrations-Platform-v5Integrations Platform

Efficiency is created when you integrate systems to work better together. There is no one-size fits all solutions for every business. While we have a number of out-of-the-box integrations available for you via APIs and connectors, our team can also work with you to create the solution you need for a seamless experience.


An eCommerce strategy is crucial to today’s retail experience. iQmetrix can build custom websites or integrate to your existing solution to ensure a seamless customer experience across channels.

Carriers-bill-payments-v2Bill Payments

The complexity of sending money from one place to another can be a headache. iQmetrix makes bank transfers easy by ensuring funds are sent to the right party in a timely manner, without multiple parties involved.


Our open APIs power a remarkable omnichannel experience. iQmetrix APIs are the connections that enable you to integrate your existing products with new and future systems. Unify your data and systems to ensure a single version of the truth exists for both you and your customers. In a nutshell, APIs mean no more outdated systems or technologies that can’t speak to each other.

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