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Joining the Queue Means Skipping the Line and Saving the Sale

Queue Management is the latest omnichannel product release from iQmetrix. With this tool, telecom retailers can manage in-store traffic, reduce lost revenue potential through walkouts, and provide an exceptional experience.

When a customer joins the queue, it eliminates the need for them to stand in a physical line outside your store. While today’s concern is touchless retail and physical distancing, tomorrow’s landscape will focus on creating retail efficiency. Queue Management enables telecom retailers to be prepared for both.


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Manage Traffic and Physical Distancing

iQmetrix’s Queue Management solution (QMS) provides retailers with alternative ways of supporting their customers during a time of physical distancing. With traffic management, customers know their turn in-store will come. They'll rest easy knowing they're safe while they shop.

Reduce Walkouts to Save the Sale

When a retailer can manage expectations, they can reduce the potential for walkouts and eliminate barriers to shop caused by long lines. A customer won't turn around at the sight of a queue, but if they do decide they can't wait, associates can follow up with that customer so no sale is lost.

No Idle Wait Means a Great Experience

Customers aren't looking to browse. Instead, trends show that they’re coming to a store with a purpose. This get-in, get-out retail experience can be upheld when you eliminate the physical line. Customers can make the most of their day and still ensure they get time in-store.

Key Features

Skip the Line, Join the Queue

With our Queue Management solution (QMS), shoppers can check-in to your virtual queue or schedule a return visit. Move people through the queue and gain valuable customer insights to help improve the shopping experience while effectively managing in-store traffic.

Self Check-In
Self Check-In

Customers scan a QR code or send an SMS from their mobile device to be added to the queue. This self check-in process reduces physical touchpoints while simultaneously reducing in-store wait times.

Assisted Check-In
Assisted Check-In

Some customers may only visit a store if they have a broken device. Despite not having a working device, they are still able to join the queue by being manually added to the queue. They then get an estimated time to return to store.

Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling

Flexibility is a luxury that not all customers have. Offering scheduled appointments ensure that both customer needs are met and stores are appropriately staffed to provide the experience your store is known for.

Reason for Visit
Reason for Visit

Customers enter the queue and state their reason for visiting a store. Whether it’s to make a purchase, to activate a new device, or for technical support, staff can be informed to help customers through the queue faster.

Customer Insights
Customer Insights

Effective insights mean associates can follow up with customers who are unable to stay in the queue. This extends the relationship beyond the transaction and can also help save a sale that would otherwise be lost.

Retailers experienced $134,246,068,320 in lost revenue from customers who abandoned purchases due to long line-ups.

An Essential Addition to Retail Management Strategies

Self Check-In

Customers add themselves to a virtual queue by sending a text or scanning a QR code. This adds them to the queue while reducing physical touch points.

Screenshot-Mock-7Customer Insights

Full visibility into the queue gives sales associates the chance to optimize in-store efficiency. If a customer can't wait and leaves the queue, the associate can follow up after to still save that customer's sale.

Screenshot-Mock-Screens-Manual-Queue-1Assisted Check-In

For those customers that don't have access to a mobile device, an associate can manually add the customer to the queue and give them an approximate time to return to store.


Queue Management...is unreal. [Our] customers immediately get in line. Very intuitive, very cool, and staff are excited we have a plan to manage customers during the busy season!

– Wes Filson, Jump.ca

Powering a Connected Experience in Wireless

Wireless retailers work in an ever-changing, always evolving industry, and need to constantly stay up-to-date in every which way.


How do customers join or leave the queue?

With the self check-in, customers can join the virtual queue by texting a provided number or scanning a QR code on a poster a business will place outside their physical retail store. This prompts a customer to follow the instructions to join the queue. If they are not able to use their mobile device, they can be manually added to a queue by a sales associate. In both instances, the customer will be given an approximate time to return to the store. A customer who scans the QR code or text the provided number will also receive a notification when it’s their turn to come in-store.


We recommend printing the poster at full 24”x30” scale to ensure customers see it.

What happens when a customer is notified to return to the store?

Once a customer gets the text message that it is their turn to shop in-store, they will be prompted to reply “Here” to the provided number so that associates can be notified of their arrival.

In Queue Management, requests will be categorized in the following ways, to help associates prioritize queuing and optimize in-store traffic.

  • Waiting: Customer has confirmed their arrival back at the store
  • Return Requested: Customer has been sent a request from the retailer to return to the store
  • Queued: Customer is waiting for a request to return to the store and is still in the queue.
What if a customer doesn’t have a working mobile phone. Can they join the queue?

Yes! Customers that don't have access to a mobile device that could scan a QR code or send a text can be manually added to the queue. These customers will receive a time at which they should return to the store.

What if a customer wants to book a time to come in-store?

Customers that prefer to have a little more control over their day can choose a time to visit that works with their schedule. Meanwhile, associates can balance appointments and queuing to best manage in-store traffic.

What happens if a customer decides to leave the queue?

If a customer sends the message "Leave”, they will be taken out of the queue. Associates will see them labelled as “Left” for that day’s history. If the associate removes a customer from the queue, they will appear labelled as "Removed."

Customers may not be able to wait, even in a virtual line, to visit your store. Customer insights will help associates follow up with these customers to maintain that relationship and save the sale.

And to ensure businesses remain considerate and compliant, Queue Management removes customer contact information from the platform if they request to not be contacted by the retailer after they have left the queue.

Will there be a record of customers that joined the queue?

A daily history will detail who joined the queue, who was helped, and who removed themselves from the virtual lineup. These insights give retailers the chance to follow up with customers and take the positive retail experience beyond the transaction.

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