From Halloween to New Year's Eve and every holiday in between, your customers are counting on you to be there when they need you most.
Don't disappoint!

This webinar series will help you prepare for whatever the busiest season of the year can dish out, so you can focus on what matters—your customers.


Makin' Lists, Checkin' Them Twice: Your Guide to Holiday Emergencies

November 1st, 2018 at 11:00 AM EST with Brett Verot

When the busy season hits, are you prepared for the unthinkable? If the power fails or your internet is out, how quickly can your team adapt? This webinar is your holiday crash kit that will prepare you for every imaginable situation. Explore the key things that need to be on your checklist to getting back to business as usual. You'll learn the value of a manual invoice, how to accept payments over the phone, the life-saving ability of printed contracts, and more. You can keep the holidays happy no matter what!

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The POS with All the Trimmings

November 5th, 2018 at 11:00am EST with Missy Brown

You've got a lot of hungry customers looking for a new phone accessory, the latest device, or a renewed contract. Make sure your table is set to satisfy! This webinar will carve out the juicy details to increasing sales, attract more customers, and bump up revenue. Don't leave any side untasted in RQ by following our grocery list of what you can setup and modify to make the most of your retail management solution. Whether you want to engage sales and coupons, inventory forecasting, personalized service, or all of the above, it's all gravy!

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New Year, New You: Your Holiday Clean Up

November 7th, 2018 at 11:00am EST with Brett Verot

After the holiday rush has come and gone, you're likely in need of a good sweep. RQ is here to help! In the downtime between the holidays and the new year, why not make the most of the 3 R's: reporting, reconciliation, and rebalance. These three functionalities help keep track of the holiday finances, stock shelves with the customer favorites, set up clearance, and use best practices to crunch the numbers. You'll be all primped and primed to look your best for the new year. 

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Professional Services Holiday Packages

Let iQmetrix be your workshop helper before, during, and after the holidays! Our Professional Services specialists can do the heavy lifting for you. With three package options available, choose what makes sense for your business.

Holiday Sweep

Starting at $500

Get rid of the junk before the holiday rush! Our RQ experts will sweep your database to clean up product information, update purchase and sales order history, merge duplicate customers, and more.

Black Friday Prep

Starting at $700

It’s the Holiday Sweep and then some! With a detailed focus on preparing your selling strategies for the busiest day of the year, not only will we help with database clean-up but will do the work for you to streamline coupons and price sheet promotions.

Holiday Workshop

Starting at $1000

iQ elves activated! Let our workshop do it all. Including both the Holiday Sweep and Black Friday Prep, this package also includes inventory importing and pricing updates so you can be up on the latest and greatest functionalities to streamline the season.

Through the holidays, the New Year, and beyond,
Professional Services is your growth toolkit.

Get in touch to see how their training packages can bring you great tidings and joy all year round.