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Our Retail Management System is more than just a POS.

RQ is the powerhouse software that enables your store's success and helps you reach your full growth potential. This intuitive platform is built for a multi-store retailer who is looking to streamline processes and set their employees up to delight customers with faster fixes than ever before. 

Fully integrated with third-party repair partners, RQ offers automated services that circumvent the swivel chair effect. Just another way iQmetrix software is helping you grow. 

Repair Checklist


Our Repair Requests are customizable so you can setup the repair flow to meet your unique business needs. Create custom fields for requests—including custom checklists and drop-down lists—for an easy, smooth, guess-work-free flow that eliminates errors.

Service & Repair

Repair Tracking

Take control of repair tracking with the ability to record and manage all aspects of each service request by tracking start date, date completed, and hours worked. Dispatch work orders to your service staff, record parts ordered and shipped, and convert to a sale when completed.

iQmetrix Repair POS


Our sales console allows you to make the flow of a sale ridiculously easy. With the ability to setup discounts, promotions, suggestive-selling options, taxes, and more, your employees can confidently serve customers from day one on the job. 

Repair Inventory


Make effective tracking and inventory reporting a breeze! Track parts from ordered to received to sold to see cost/profit. Further increase profitability with repair part forecasting, stock balancing, and aged inventory tools to weed out old inventory. And for parts without bar codes or serial numbers, you can auto-generate unique serial numbers.


Know who you need working, and when. The HR console's scheduling tool enables you to easily schedule employees. Staff can see their work times and managers can oversee time sheets grouped by location. Couple this with RQ’s sales reports to ensure you have the appropriate amount of staff for peak business hours.

Retail Management CRM


Access customer information and past repairs from any location at any time to create a consistent experience to your customers. Build a complete view of your consumer through every transaction to ensure your customers receive the same level of personalized service at every touchpoint.

Retail Management Marketing


Deliver cost-effective, targeted marketing through a variety of campaign types such as email, direct mail, and telephone. Go the extra mile and earn repeat business by scheduling follow-up to ensure your customers are satisfied.

Widget Library

Personalize your workspace to suit your personal style and job requirements. Choose from a variety of widgets to tailor your RQ home page with valuable tools right at your fingertips such as up-to-the-minute profit numbers and personal notes or bulletins.

Reporting & Metrics

Reporting & Analytics

It’s true you don’t know what you don’t know. Our extensive dashboard and reporting functionality allows you to see how your business is performing. With over 170 report options, easily view current repair requests or report on details such as parts used, parts on back order, repair history, etc.

Repair Dashboard

An initiative dashboard to help streamline repair functions for technicians and sales staff. All information is shown in one screen for employees to save time jumping between screens. See open repair and their current status and who assigned to them, open purchase orders, and appointments all in one easy intuitive screen. Easily jump to other areas of the software quick and easy or start a brand-new repair all at the click of a button. NO need to toggle between screens.

Repair POS Dashboard

Let Your Customers Book Online

Powered by Statflo, our online booking system allows your customers to book repair appointments online. With a direct integration into RQ, our cell phone store POS software, all information flows from the website into the POS automatically, ensuring your staff know when to expect a customer and the service they are requesting.

Cell Phone Repair Shop POS Partners

Creating a seamless repair experience between our repair vendors, our RQ management software, and our clients.

With our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) integration for cellphone repair providers, ordering inventory has never been so efficient. Using this unified process, you can simply add items for the vendor site with all back-end work done for you. You no longer need to verify with the vendor or run your employees ragged with double entry of purchase orders in the POS. Once a shipment is received, log into RQ and receive the products; it’s that easy!

  • No need to change your current inventory ordering
  • Minimal training required to utilize the integration
  • Creates a seamless experience
  • Saves you valuable time


Endless Aisle + Dropship

Expand Your Selling Opportunity

There's no better time to talk to a customer about protecting their mobile device than when they’ve just had to fix it. Don’t let a lack of peg space for accessories hold you back! Allow your customers to browse and buy a wide variety of virtual merchandise by optimizing your space with our Endless Aisle and Dropship.

Make more money by easily selling items—like screen protectors and cases—to be drop shipped directly to the customer. Bonus: interactive screens give customers’ idle hands something to browse while they wait.

5-Part Repair Webinar Series

Watch our on-demand webinar series to discover the best practices for operating a successful cell phone repair service in order to stay ahead of the competition, increase your profits, and delight your customers.


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