The world of retail is growing ever more complex, but with iQmetrix POS, managing your business has never been so simple. Our retail POS is equipped with everything you need to power your sales staff to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

iQmetrix POS

Over $11 Billion

in sales processed last year

Sell So Fast

Turn your sales staff into rock stars by arming them with everything they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

iQmetrix POS for Sales

Easy to use.

Our POS system presents information for your sales staff to guide customers through the purchase process –freeing up time to serve others and ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

Retail unleashed.

Access our retail POS system on a mobile or tablet device and free your staff from behind the terminal. View real-time reports and access key information, customer profiles and inventory to serve your customers from anywhere in your store.

iQmetrix POS for Sales
iQmetrix POS with Endless Aisle

Connect with Endless Aisle.

Let the customers start the browsing process on their own, then complete the sale when they are ready to checkout.

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Speed That Doesn't Sacrifice Service

iQmetrix POS Quick-Switch Login

Quick-Switch Login

One device can be easily shared by many sales rock stars using recent login selection. Every second counts when customers are waiting.

iQmetrix POS - Suspend a Sale

Suspend a Sale

Got a customer who’s decided they’ve got more browsing to do? Put their order on hold while you help other shoppers. When they’re ready, pick up right where you left off.

iQmetrix - Customer Details

Customer Details

A full history of your customer details are always at your fingertips. Spot trends, tailor promotions and always stay one step ahead.

A Day in the Life of Jeff the Sales Guy

iQmetrix POS Stories - Jeff

Jeff struts into the office humming 'Walking on Sunshine' because he knows his commissions are going to be through the roof. He glances at the sales contest and realizes he is in first for his location, but only 3rd in his district. Oh boy, when those doors open, it is GAME ON!

Jeff has a few tricks up his sleeve… throughout the month he has been tracking all lost sales and walk outs in detail. He'll start his day by making a few phone calls to remind his customers the promotion is ending soon so don't miss out.

Jeff’s company also has follow-up calls scheduled for 6 months post-purchase so while he's making calls, he'll quickly look who hasn't been contacted yet, and call them as well to be sure they're satisfied and have heard about this month's promotion.

Jeff knows that in order to be successful with sales, he needs to be efficient. He grabs a tablet and heads out on the show floor. This is the quickest way to engage with customers and assist them through a purchase as soon as they're ready.

Jeff is not afraid to use all the tools available to him, so if the customer's favorite color doesn't happen to be in stock, he suggests the option to have it shipped directly to their desk, their doorstep, or wherever is the most convenient.

Throughout the day, Jeff is getting immediate insight into his performance and commissions so he sees exactly where he stands and knows tomorrow he'll have to work just as hard to maintain his overall lead.

Intelligent Inventory

All of your stock, details and quantities, in the palm of your hand.

iQmetrix POS - Inventory Dialed In

Get dialed in.

Inventory sitting on your shelf is like fruit starting to ripen, you must get rid of it before it goes stale. Get in tune with your inventory using history reports, set min/max levels and auto generate purchase orders for easy order fulfillment.

Dropship enabled.

Never miss an opportunity to make a sale and a happy customer by fulfilling orders, even when out of stock, with integrated Dropship.

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iQmetrix POS with Dropship

Get Clear Visibility Into Your Inventory

iQmetrix POS - Inventory FIlters

Inventory Filters

Narrow down your inventory list to help your customer find exactly what they’re looking for.

iQmetrix POS - All Locations

All Locations

See inventory across all locations in your business.

iQmetrix POS - Product Details

Product Details

Give your customers the full lowdown on products so they know they are making the right decision.

A Day in the Life of Amy the Inventory Manager

iQmetrix POS Stories - Amy

The biggest launch of the year is right around the corner and the pressure is on to be sure all store locations are locked, stocked and ready to go. Never fear, Amy is here!

Amy lives in the Inventory and Reporting view

She needs to make a big purchase so she checks a few quick reports to be sure her order and inventory are on point. Amy views her:

  • Sales Order report to see exactly how many pre-orders have been made to factor into her purchase.
  • Transfer In and Transfer Out report to stock balance a few stores that aren't selling as much as anticipated. She doesn't want to order more inventory for the Chicago locations if they haven't been selling through their stock when she could be topping up the NY locations first.
  • Auto Ordering report and takes a look at the Min/Max suggestions before bumping up her order to accommodate the spike for launch.

Amy also takes a few minutes to prep for her meeting with the owner later today. She's identified they have quite a bit of inventory being returned lately. She looks into the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) report to find out exactly what's causing it. There seems to be a lot of inventory from a particular vendor coming back... they may need to look for a new supplier who has a reputation for higher-quality merchandise.

To finish off the day, Amy sends out a reminder to the regional manager reminding her it's time to start generating their month-end inventory count sheet on all merchandise.


Metrics, stats and reporting turn observations into powerful information for decision making.

iQmetrix POS Metrics

Drive performance.

Access key operational metrics highlighting business performance in a concise and easy-to-digest format for better, faster decision making.

Stay connected, anywhere.

Leave your laptop behind and take your business with you anywhere. With on-the-go access to real-time information, you can stay on top of your business no matter where you are.* 

*Though, if you’re in the depths of the Amazon with no internet and giant snakes, you’re on your own...

iQmetrix POS Mobile Metrics

Put Your Metrics To Work For You

iQmetrix POS - Customized Dashboards

Customized Dashboards

Information customized to you is presented in a friendly, easy-to-digest format, enabling you to see only what you find relevant and save time finding the appropriate information.

iQmetrix POS - Mapped Store Location

Mapped Store Locations

View all your retail locations on a map from a birds-eye view for quick insight on region-based trends at any point in time.

iQmetrix POS - Quick-glance Metrics

Quick-Glance Metrics

See at a glance what is happening with your business, why it’s happening and how it all fits together. Or drill down into historical data for trend analysis and business forecasting.

A Day in the Life of Steve the Business Owner

iQmetrix POS Stories - Steve

Steve gets a glimpse of exactly how his company is performing while he takes a look at his dashboard reporting at 6:00 a.m. and sips away at his first coffee of the day…like a boss.

Steve then checks in on the health of his company by taking a look at the Executive Dashboard. He is meeting with operations staff later today and they'll be discussing how much inventory is acceptable to have on hand and why they have so much inventory on RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) right now. With Black Friday right around the corner, they need to look at staffing levels to make sure they'll have the right coverage at the right times of the day.

Steve then heads to his daily sales meeting where each regional manager discusses how their regions contribute directly to the bottom using reporting for Top Performing Locations and Employees.

Near the end of the day, Steve likes to shoot a private message to the employees that had the biggest impact on sales and profits that day. Virtual high-fives for everyone!

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