Omnichannel Commerce Platform

for Your Wireless Retail Store

Connecting the omnichannel experience, one busted silo at a time!

Our centralized commerce platform powers a remarkable omnichannel experience by being the connection between your current and future systems. Platform enables you to deliver a truly unified experience to your customers.

What exactly is "Platform"?

Think of platform like really advanced lego blocks of data, applications, and APIs that can be configured any way you need to make sure your customers get what they want. Got various systems to connect? Platform makes it happen.


Which In-store Technologies will Make Omnichannel a Reality?

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A Redefined Path to Purchase

Technology has disrupted and redefined your consumer’s path to purchase as they constantly bounce from channel to channel like a human pinball machine. As challenging as it can be, now is the time to wow them and create brand loyalty for years to come.

Because your customer’s journey can begin and end anywhere, anytime, and on any device, every brand touchpoint is vital to creating an amazing brand experience.

Redefined Path to Purchase

Omnichannel is a must.

The only way to effectively combat your customers’ game of channel pinball is to implement an omnichannel approach. This way your brand story is able to consistently unfold the way it was intended, no matter where it starts or ends.

Platform powers omnichannel.

Our central commerce platform powers a remarkable omnichannel experience for your customers and employees by delivering a unified brand story across all your touchpoints.

Platform Powers Omnichannel

How platform fits in...

There are endless paths to purchase. Here are just a few stories.

A Rubik’s cube has 2,125,922,464,947,725,402,112,000 possibilities.

Our platform has more.

Our modular APIs give you the flexibility to choose exactly what fits your needs and easily integrates with your current systems and future applications. Grow your business and delight your customers with new services quickly and seamlessly without hassle.

Platform of Possibilities

Scale to New Heights

Flexible APIs for Rapid Delivery

Deploy new services seamlessly without headaches. Our modular APIs give you the flexibility you won’t get in a lifetime of yoga classes. Choose exactly what fits your business needs and integrate your current systems and other business applications with ease.

Open + Innovative Platform

To help you keep up with constantly changing consumer behavior, our platform is engineered to support innovative technology; enabling you to expand your partner ecosystem and add new revenue streams.

We’ve Got Our Head in the Cloud

Our world-class hardware and cloud services like Microsoft Azure kick some serious SaaS by ensuring your data is highly available, secure and scalable for wherever your business may take you.

Full Control at the Center of it All

Manage everything in your very own command center with iQmetrix Hub.

iQmetrix Hub
iQmetrix Hub - Unified Brand Experience

Unified brand experience.

Deliver consistent brand stories across all your touchpoints whether your customers are in-store, online or on-the-go. Our omnichannel platform empowers marketers to defy channel limitations and engage each customer with inspiring marketing content throughout their shopping journey. Rich product information, availability, pricing and promotions are controlled and pulled from a single source, so customers always get up-to-date and accurate information.

Get the whole picture with cross-channel metrics.

Get a single view of your entire operation from one place. Our dashboard is powerful, intuitive and customizable based on what you want to know and how you operate your business. Data such as customer profile, purchase history, inventory and pricing are continually updated and disseminated from a single platform eliminating inefficiency and error caused by double entry and managing multiple systems.

iQmetrix Hub - Metrics

Talk Nerdy to Me

Excuse us while we geek out on the technical details... we live for this stuff.

iQmetrix’s robust and modular APIs give you the flexibility to choose only what fits your business needs and allows for easy integration with your current systems.

Platform Architecture 


Our composable retail platform is built using modular multi-tenant microservices architecture.

Each service has a REST API that guarantees zero-friction integration connecting your existing systems with our platform.

Platform Agile Deployment

Agile Deployment

By using Unity, we remain agile in how we can deploy across multiple form factors. With this agility, we can create new solutions and leverage unique OS functionality to control the user experience in a way that web solutions cannot.

iQmetrix Scalability


We have implemented autoscaling strategies in Azure in order to meet your needs even during peak demand. Back-to-School, Black Friday, Christmas – we've got you covered!

Centralized Platform Services

Our platform houses the essentials that are core to a true omnichannel experience. With the ability to plug in new services as you want, the possibilities are endless. 

iQmetrix Platform Services

Products Built on Platform

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