Digital Signage
for Your Wireless Retail Store

What is most important when advertising? If you answered looking good in a suit like the lads on Mad Men, you'd be close... but the answer we're looking for is knowing your audience.  

Our digital signage solution gives you the control to target the right audience at the right time while improving in-store brand presence, driving sales and reducing the cost of managing marketing campaigns.

Digital Signage for Wireless
Over a quarter of organizations deem 'multichannel campaign management' to be one of their top priorities.
The Importance of Multichannel Retail Report by Econsultancy

Make an Impression

Impress and delight by delivering in-store content that speaks to your digitally-driven customers.

Drive More Sales

Drive more sales.

iQmetrix Digital Signage brings your brand personality to life. By drawing attention to your brand and the promotions you are running, you can further influence the buying decision to drive impulse purchases.

Keep your stores fresh.

Changing the feel of your store is ridiculously easy. New season? New promotion? New mood? Change it up!

Have your customers frequently coming back to see what's new.

Keep You Stores Fresh

Complete Your Brand Story

Another step in the path to purchase means another chance to tell your brand story.

Communicate Along the Path to Purchase

Communicate along the path to purchase.

No matter what channel your customers choose, they expect a consistent interaction with your brand. As your customer moves along the path to purchase, our digital signage solution enables you to communicate consistently with your customer in-store, just as you would online or anywhere else!

Make the most of your assets.

Reusing your assets means less time and money spent on creating different content for in-store and online. We're bringing new meaning to reduce, reuse, recycle!

Make the Most of Your Assets

Zen-like Content Management

Control freaks rejoice. The days of relying on others to put up posters and take them down every other week are over. With Digital Signage, content is stored, managed and pushed out from a centralized content management system, giving you full control of your brand experience.

Content Management
Centralized Control

Centralized control.

Our CMS makes it easy for you to manage ad campaigns across your network, ensuring timely delivery of relevant information, while telling your unique brand story. Content is centrally managed in the iQmetrix Hub for all locations and displays which means changes are updated in real time and pushed out across your entire network or you can opt to select specific locations.

Smart scheduling.

It’s important to know who you are advertising to, and how to advertise to them. With Digital Signage's smart scheduling functionality you can align marketing efforts based on target audience, seasonality, product or service promotions and peak traffic times. Let’s see a poster do that!

Smart Scheduling

Built on our Powerful
& Flexible Platform

iQmetrix Digital Signage leverages the media and display service of the iQmetrix Platform. Your unique content is stored and managed in a centralized place, and pushed out to screens across your entire network.

iQmetrix Digital Signage - Built on Platform

More Rock Solid Technology

Small but Mighty 

Small but Mighty

The pocket-sized, InFocus Kangaroo media player combines form and function, connecting to any screen with HDMI compatibility and is designed to extend a full multimedia experience. 

Uploading Media

Up, Up(load) and Away!

Adding media files to iQmetrix Digital Signage couldn’t be easier. Our flexible encoder works with any type of file format as it encodes videos and images into a format the majority of browsers accept. For a picture-perfect look, we recommended using media that is a minimum Hi-Res 1080P.

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