Platform APIs

Platform Possibilities

Our open APIs power a remarkable omnichannel experience. iQmetrix platform APIs are the connections that enable you to integrate your existing products with new and future systems.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of protocols and tools that allow you to interact with iQmetrix’s ecosystem of services.

Modernize Organizational Structure

As companies begin to use APIs to manage internal processes, they often discover opportunities to improve or restructure their business to create a more modern approach. APIs allow you the flexibility to integrate with your current tech stacks and provide the foresight to connect with any future technology you dream of. In a nutshell, APIs mean no more outdated systems or technologies that can’t speak to each other.

Increase Efficiency + Automation

Machines handle the workload that would otherwise require humans. API access allows for content or details to be created once and automatically published or made available to all channels. Data such as customer profiles, purchase history, purchase orders, inventory, and pricing are continually updated and disseminated from a single source such as iQmetrix’s POS, RQ.

Create Customer Consistency

Unify all your data and ensure a single version of the truth exists for both you and your customers. 

Centralized Services

Our API platform houses the essentials that are core to a true omnichannel experience. With the ability to plug in new services as you want, the possibilities are endless.

Product and Content.

Manage and share product information across categories, catalogs, and sites. Merchandising and marketing capabilities allow you to connect consumers with the right product, price, offer and content at the right time.

POS and Transactions.

Deliver the “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experiences. With POS, payment, order, and Dropship services you gain a single view of your customers across all channels and can always provide them with exactly what they are looking for, whenever and wherever they are.

People and Operations

Streamline store management with access to back-office workflow tools including inventory control, back-office functions, cash management, transfers, and receiving. Unify digital and in-store with a single view of customers, products, prices, and orders.

Platform Services

Your IT and Operations Team Will Love This

  • Accelerate the launch of new point solutions for in-store and digital channels.
  • No need to migrate your data. Light up another platform touchpoint and build upon your existing data.
  • No need to build new integrations as solutions are already pre-integrated.
  • Leverage future point solutions built on platform.
  • Leverage iQmetrix’s partner ecosystem pre-integrated into the platform.
  • Don’t get boxed in. Use APIs to plug in new services to the platform.

Don't have in-house development?

Consider using our out-of-the-box connectors with nChannel.

With pre-built connectors to iQmetrix, e-commerce, marketplaces and ERP/accounting systems,
nChannel allows you to grow your business without sacrificing efficiency.


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Excuse us while we geek out on the technical details... we live for this stuff.

Micro Service Architecture 

Micro Service Architecture

Our platform is a collection of highly specialized micro services that combine to provide a full range of functionality. Services can be used in various combinations to create a myriad of great experiences for users.

Azure Service Bus for Internal Integration

Azure Service Bus for Internal Integration

Services communicate with each other using asynchronous messaging patterns over reliable messaging queues. Services publish events on a service Bus Topic for notifications to other services.

Azure Website for Scalability

Azure Website for Scalability

We have implemented auto-scaling strategies in Azure in order to support large bursts and meet your needs, even during peak demand. Back-to-School, Black Friday, holidays  we've got you covered!

Publicly Available REST API

Publicly Available REST API

All of our services are designed with a public-facing REST API as a first-class citizen. This allows external developers to connect to the iQmetrix platform.

Built on Platform

What can you build?

Omnichannel Commerce.

In a world where multiple systems may service the same customer, these systems must be able to access consistent information. This is a challenge for carriers and their indirect channel. Our solution covers these . Options range from Reserve Online, Buy In-store, Buy Online, Pick up or Return In-store, and Buy Online, Ship to Home.

Dropship Fulfillment + Endless Aisle.

Whether you use our Endless Aisle interactive screens, or connect the APIs to an existing application or website, our APIs provide an endless aisle experience for everyone ensuring you never lose a sale. Choose one of our pre-integrated suppliers or use our APIs to build to your own supply chain that pulls pricing, inventory availability, shipping options, order status, and more.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

We understand the need to integrate POS & ERP. It’s common for discrepancies to occur when store associates manually enter or transfer information. However, an integrated software system has a checks-and-balances mechanism in place when analyzing and managing different sets of data. You will have the ability to see data and track data in real time.

Customer Managed Inventory (CMI)

One of the most common inventory issues is receiving the wrong items on a purchase order which creates a nightmare in reconciliation with vendors. Our solution allows you to create an interface in which you can streamline inventory. Import a list of IMEIs that have been shipped by your carrier and automatically upload them against their purchase orders in RQ. Use our APIs for a Automatically create thousands of purchase orders every day without the use of manual labor.

Third Party Authentication (3PA) + Auto Provisioning

Strengthen the traditional login for websites and SaaS products, apps, etc. with our service. Manage users in iQmetrix’s platform services by auto-provisioning them from your existing identity provider for authorization and authenticating a user and asserting their identity. Auto-provisioning involves your identity provider sending the iQmetrix SSO server user information along with authentication. Our systems, including RQ, create or update the user with this information when the user logs into an iQmetrix product.

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