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Enjoy faster checkouts, automated reconciliation, and transparent reporting with smooth payment integration. The best part? Integration connects your system to a complete payment product suite.

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iQmetrix Payments Integration

Reduce Friction and Increase Sales
Smooth Payment Integration

Central Payment Setup

Central Payment Setup

Control your settings like payment devices, processors, and verification methods all from one central spot.

Complete Card Acceptance

Complete Card Acceptance

Accept all payment types and methods. Card type is automatically detected so you only have to ask "cash or card?"

Quick Checkout

Quick Checkout

Enable zippy transactions with less human error by automatically pushing the sale to payment device and back to your retail POS.

Easy Refunds

Deter Refund Fraud

Block defrauding attempts in their tracks!
 Refund verification ensures that the right amount is always refunded to the right card.

Fast Reconciliation

Fast Reconciliation

Make batching and reporting effortless with automated reconciliation of your sales invoices to amounts tendered.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Transaction Reporting

Get the scoop on your sales, pull up past invoices, and view all transactional data by running detailed payment reports.

"Integrated payments is smooth and automated, saving your sales staff time and energy during every transaction."

Margeaux Girardin | Payments Marketing Manager

Integration Is Just The Start
Get A Full Payment Suite

Payment Processing Options

Experience the benefits of integrated merchant services with iQmetrix Processing or opt for our third-party network to process with your preferred bank. Whether it's in-house or third-party, we have the integrated processing plans you need.

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hardware payment terminals

Payment Hardware Options

Buy integrated payment hardware at competitive pricing. We’ve certified the largest selection of integrated EMV devices on the market. From mobile to signature capture and small to large, shop our extensive range of payment devices now.

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Terminal Solutions

Enhance your hardware fleet with powerful terminal solutions. Get real-time device data through terminal reporting, enhance your display screens with terminal branding, or optimize your fleet with device sharing.

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terminal solutions
security solutions

Security Solutions

Say hello to convenient compliance with our built-in security solutions. Centering around our advanced E2EE, you can reduce your PCI scope, ensure compliance with pre-configured attestation forms, and get the latest in EMV security with remote updates.

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Download our in-depth payment resources for expert advice at your fingertips.

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