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Arcade helps you build teams that are highly productive and engaged. Every day retailers rely on Arcade to boost the motivation, performance, and retention of their workforce. Through streamlined communication, employee recognition, and gamified incentives, Arcade strategically focuses employees towards actions and behaviors that move the needle for their organization. Arcade is connected to all the tools your team already loves and uses. This includes IQmetrix as well as popular learning management, chat, human resources, and task management applications. Easily bring activity data from all your systems to Arcade so you can create gamified incentives and see which activities move the needle.

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About Arcade

Arcade’s mission is to build products that build people, and we do this by transforming the way companies relate, motivate & engage their workforce. We know that when a workplace enables people to tap into their intrinsic motivations, people are happier and perform better, and this has a direct impact on the productivity, innovation and profitability of an organization.

Launched in 2016, Arcade is used daily by thousands of associates around the globe. The Arcade team is based in Dallas, Texas with an engineering office in Melbourne, Australia.

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Arcade made it easy to incentivize our KPIs. Our folks love the way they can compete for prizes, share success stories and stay connected.
Jim Pack Jr.
PCS Partners
I love that I can stir up healthy competition amongst all my stores - Arcade makes every day real competitive! Tokens are an easy way to give spiffs. My team likes the reward choice and more. Highly recommend Arcade.
Hector Rodriguez
Elite Wireless
Since we introduced Arcade it’s made a huge difference to the engagement and culture of our team, especially during tax season!
Nancy Fleming
H&R Block


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