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Qmadix is an industry leader in mobile accessories and nanotechnology sectors. Founded by a team of dedicated forward-thinkers with over 20 years of success in the industry, our long-standing commitment to providing consumer-focused quality products and innovative solutions is the cornerstone of the Qmadix philosophy.

We continue to evolve with new ideas in technology, products, and services, reinventing solutions for the accessory industry by introducing custom programs, competitive pricing, and quality products, backed by outstanding customer care.

Qmadix offers a wide range of accessories, from cases and mobile charging solutions to NanoGlass Screen Protection and more. For more information visit us at www.Qmadix.com.

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Qmadix Offerings

Designed to work with life

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Power Solutions

Power when you need it.

Qmadix power solutions are designed for your customer’s lifestyle at home, in the car, and on the go. With built-in smart circuitry and partnering with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™, Qmadix products charge at the proper amperage while protecting your customers’ devices from overcharging. Qmadix is first to the market with a “true” dual Quick Charge™ 3.0, car charger; finally charge two devices at the same time with the power of Quick Charge™ 3.0.Qualcomm Quick Charge™ 3.0 that is 38% more efficient than and 4x faster than conventional charging.

Our MFI approved Apple chargers are first sent through strict testing and review by Apple before they are sold in stores. All Qmadix chargers come backed with a one-year limited guarantee.


Qmadix has you covered.

Qmadix announces its newest C-Series cases that feature a slim, clean design that provides advanced impact protection with a smooth transparent finish.  Each case features chrome buttons for a sleek and finished look and what's more is our cases will work with virtually all chargers. Every case is engineered to help protect the display and camera lens from bumps and scratches while giving you a stylish, form-fitting design that rests comfortably in your hand. 

With a wide range of cell phone cases, Qmadix is better equipped and always prepared to be first-to-market with handset launches. Designed with accurate precision, Qmadix cases are extremely durable. It is with the small details in mind that we create our accessories, Designed to work with life™.


Power. Data. Hardware.

Who's setting the standards for USB standards? You should know!


Power Delivery is the future of charging.

Need a crash course? We've got all you need to know!


Power is all about speed.

Here's a quick view of your options. Click here to learn more about Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0


Full Metal: Strength, Power, and Sound.

Full Metal Jacket is the newest collection by the Qmadix team featuring mobile accessories that are focused on strength and durability, while introducing the Power Delivery charging option for the fastest charging speeds on the market.

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