Video Intelligence

Video Intelligence is digital video technology that is integrated with analytical software. The integration allows for reporting and benefits that would otherwise be unavailable. While the benefits can vary depending on the service provider used, Video Intelligence is a must have for keeping all of your retail locations and staff in peak performance. 

Everyone benefits for different reasons


Improved security and training allows for exceptional customer service and purchase security. In turn, this increases customer retention and loyalty.

Sales Staff

Sales teams benefit from audio and visual aids in training that can be reviewed per transaction, down to a customized date and time. This information is quickly accesssible for employees to view, recieve feedback, and improve.


Video Intelligence has features that combine to improve overall operational logistics in a consistent, accessible format. Video information is collected and made readable so you can improve sales, compare data, and review overall operations — all across multiple locations. The ability to analyze video in real-time gives your business the advantage of overseeing and improving reporting, visual and transactional security, and traffic counts. 


Envysion enables large, national retail, store operators to increase profitability 10-15% by putting easy-to-use, video-driven business intelligenceTM into the hands of the entire organization.

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