Each year, millions of consumers purchase a brand-new phone, typically leaving their old phone obsolete. These older phones spend their days collecting dust in a cupboard or making a great book-end.

Having a Handset Trade-in Program that fully integrates into the RQ Cell Phone Store POS is essential for a couple of reasons. First, the program allows your customers to put additional funds in their pockets by trading in their obsolete phone, thereby instantly increasing the disposable income to be used within your stores. Secondly, handset trade-in is also an important vessel for reducing e-waste; your customers can also feel good that they’re helping the environment.

Everyone benefits for different reasons


With additional money in your customer’s pockets, the idea of upgrading earlier or purchasing accessories becomes more of a reality.

Sales Staff

Remove the monetary barrier associated with upgrades and provide your staff with a powerful tool to offer monetary incentives to customers. Associates are also able to purue additional sales with accessories made especially for the shopper's new phone. 


Experience increased revenue growth and provide an environmentally friendly way of disposing of old phones — it's a win-win!



Brightstar focuses on enhancing the performance and profitability of the key participants in the wireless device value chain: manufacturers, operators, retailers, and enterprises.

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HYLA™ Mobile is a leading global provider of carrier-grade wireless device trade-in solutions. Founded in 2009 to address the growing issue of e-waste created by the accelerated pace of new phones being introduced into the marketplace, HYLA provides a scalable model...

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Phobio is gadget trade-in for retailers done right. Fully-integrated and free of charge, Phobio allows you to accept customers' old devices for instant store credit towards new handsets or accessories, with the confidence that you won’t lose your the shirt off your back doing it.

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