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TESSCO Technologies is a leading value-added supplier of the critical products, services and solutions required to design, build, run, maintain, and use everything wireless. As a top provider of device accessories and retail solutions across thousands of customers, our offer drives productivity and profitability for retailers.

Featuring the broadest selection of in-demand accessories, coupled with merchandising support, marketing, and training capabilities to drive sales at store level, TESSCO is uniquely positioned to deliver the right program to address your needs. Driven by the most tenured team in the industry, our consultative approach delivers excellence in customer support and proven results. TESSCO offers the following programs and services in partnership with iQmetrix.


TESSCO's Dropship program offers a new direct-to-consumer fulfillment channel to meet consumer demands and compete with a vast online marketplace. Retailers can now leverage and reap the benefits of this program including:

Enhanced Product Offer

  • Access to the largest accessory catalog in the industry
  • In-store recommendations based on dropship performance data

Reduced Carrying Costs

  • Offer thousands of new products with no inventory investment or risk
  • Pay for inventory when you make a sale
  • Keep the same competitive pricing & program benefits you have today

Increased Attach Rates

  • Always have something for everyone: Unique style options, the latest technologies and older device support

Improved Customer Experience

  • Product choice and convenience consumers demand
  • Retailer expertise & service they can't find online
  • Exclusive selling tools to drive consumer awareness & adoption

Never Miss a Sale

  • Product solutions for every customer, always in stock

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Endless Aisle

TESSCO’s Endless Aisle program offers all the benefits of Dropship along with an integrated merchandising display that provides retailers and their shoppers with a unique omnichannel experience. The kiosk blends the best features of online shopping with the expertise that consumers can only find in a traditional store. The Endless Aisle experience showcases the most trusted brands in the industry and makes shopping for accessories simple and fun. Its features and benefits include:


Interactive Kiosk

  • Engaging kiosk fixture with touchscreen featuring expansive product catalog and all the Dropship features
  • Digital signage to communicate seasonal campaigns and brand stories
  • Eye-catching graphics that change quarterly
  • Additional merchandising space

Digital Signage

TESSCO offers a Digital Signage program to enhance the Endless Aisle experience and provides an opportunity to:

  • Present quarterly seasonal campaigns to drive sales
  • Communicate brand stories to consumers at the point of purchase
  • Ability to change messaging remotely to keep content fresh
  • Appeals to the digital omnichannel consumer base


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