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Qmadix has a sole purpose of producing the highest quality products while advancing the future of technology. Product offerings including the fastest charging devices on the market, Nano Glass Technology Screen Protectors with Replacement Guarantees and a wide variety of mobile technology solutions Designed for Life.

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About Qmadix


We build products to enhance your life.

Qmadix is a true manufacturer, giving us the ability to create products from the drawing board, to CAD, to fruition.  Our team of self-proclaimed “techies” devise what fills the void in our market space, while reinventing solutions for classic accessories that power and protect our devices.  Qmadix insures you always stay connected.

We back our products that support your life.

In a cutting-edge industry, Qmadix is always prepared.  Our products are backed by top notch customer care programs, including replacement warranties and screen replacement guarantees.  Our customer service team is on site, only a call or email away.

When your connection to the world is literally at your fingertips, Qmadix is your constant.


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