TEGA Technologies offers an industry leading omnichannel marketing automation platform called Chatterspot. Chatterspot enables personalized communication through various channels including text, social media, email and direct mail.

Through the Chatterspot Automated CRM, actionable customer and prospect databases are built with the ability to use smart filtering. Smart filtering targets consumers in timely and personalized ways utilizing their preferred method of communication to drive traffic to your business.

The Chatterspot platform reaches your customers in 3 main ways:

  1. Automated Lifecycle Marketing

    Every business knows its customer’s lifecycle. In each lifecycle there are specific moments when the customer is more likely to purchase. Chatterspot’s Automated Lifecycle automatically communicates with your customers at these important touchpoints.

  2. On-Demand

    There are specific times when you want a unique message to reach your customers. For instance, new product launches, sales promotions, holiday events, etc. Chatterspot’s On-Demand feature is the perfect solution. A smart targeted and personalized campaign can be sent out in a matter of minutes!
  3. Customer Aquisition

    Every business wants new customers. Chatterspot builds an actionable prospect database through the following programs:

    1. Customer Aquisition Program

      Most businesses want to contact people who live near their stores. Utilizing the Chatterspot prospect database On-Demand campaigns are launched to people who live within walking distance of your store.

    2. Automated Referral Program

      Everyone knows the most effective form of marketing is word of mouth and Chatterspot's Automated Referral Program is not only FCC Compliant; it also takes word of mouth to the next level with messages to customers with included incentives to refer their family and friends. Learn More

Client Testimonials

“Their platform and support team are superior to any third-party solution I have personally launched/managed in my 17 years with Sprint. Its ease of use in setting up retail locations, enrolling customers and launching On-Demand campaigns within a matter of minutes is critical to our dynamic and fast-paced environment. Their platform is easy to use, robust and flexible to fit our needs. Our customers appreciate the consistent communication of its automated lifecycle messages and look forward to receiving special offers from us each month.”

Sheila Rodriguez

Manager, Dealer Base Marketing Strategy/Sales Operations

Sprint Logo

“Wireless World went live with Chatterspot in November 2013. Since inception, I have noticed a good response from our customers when they receive the welcome text and emails. As we become more integrated with the product and utilize it to full potential, our positive response is increasing. Recently, we were in great need to hire several people in one location and needed to do it quickly. We launched a text and email campaign for a wide span of recruitment. Once those campaigns launched we received a fair amount of responses within a few days and hired 5 people from this effort. I use the On Demand tool in Chatterspot frequently for sales and Wireless Workshops, but considering the cost of recruitment using mainstream media, using Chatterspot for this reason proved to be very easy, quick and cost efficient! ”

Kerri Stokes

Director of Marketing, Wireless World/Verizon


“Reaching our customers in a meaningful way is simple with Chatterspot. We are able to create and send email and text campaigns directly to customers very quickly. Chatterspot support is very available and willing to help with design and utilization of all features. The feature set itself has grown since we started with Chatterspot. We especially enjoy the analytics that help us see what's effective when marketing to our customers. Chatterspot also designs and hosts are Android/ iOS app which allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competition. All these features are very easy to manage and Chatterspot has been very eager to develop and implement new feature requests from our team. TEAM Wireless considers Chatterspot a key strategic partner as well as a key to our success.”

Justin Burford

Vice President - Operations,TEAM Wireless



An Open Door to Increased Acquisition

With their integrated processes that bundle a CRM, marketing data and analytics, and digital marketing strategy, Chatterspot can help your business reach potential customers like never before, so your staff can focus on the customer. Monetize and optimize your data with Chatterspot!

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