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Maintaining relationships with your customers is paramount to retain business and separate you from your competitors. Our partners are here to help bridge the gap and bring you closer to your customers.

Everyone benefits for different reasons


This uninstrusive method of getting in touch with your customers has instant savings with no cost and zero obligation.

Sales Staff

By sending out coupons and sales notifcations when you want, you can capitavate your audience at just the right moment — customers come down to your store with the newest purpose or deal in mind. And with direct integration with RQ, no long or distrupted sale process necessary. 


Direct marketing is not only a cost-effective way of reaching the right audience, but has a strong correlation with revenue growth. Why not grow your customer base and sales at the same time?


Chatterspot leads the wireless retail industry with the only RQ integrated solution that allows its users to manage their CRM, digital and social media marketing from one platform.

Chatterspot's automated technology, along with their expertise, has helped thousands of dealers across North America increase their customer retention, drive new traffic, and increase their bottom line.

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