Internal Communications

While there are many solutions that would solve your inter-office communication problem, very few offer a full integration into your POS solution. Integration allows for many additional company-wide controls and lets you monitor who is a part of your communication platform. It protects your company’s privacy and makes sure that only your employees are a part of your communication strategy. Additionally, establishing proper communication channels between your sales representatives and management is equally important; whether you’re trying to communicate an upcoming sale to your associates, or providing some detailed sales figures to your management team, our partners will help streamline communication into a more efficient and effective way.

Everyone benefits for different reasons


Let your employees be their own guide. Frontline staff can feel more confident in their skills and knowledgeable about product and store information due to your effective and streamlined communication strategy. Questions can be asked and answered through forum style communication, getting the info they need from their fellow associates.

Sales Staff

Get your employees connected. Creating an easy way for associates to interact and communicate with their peers allows questions to be answered and problems to be solved within their team. With promotional and product information at their fingertips, they’ll never be stranded when speaking to a customer.


You’ll never be left on ‘read’ when you have insight into your message backend. Behind-the-scenes communication allows you to create group chats to relay important information to all relevant stakeholders at once, see who is paying attention to which messages, and monitor who has access to what pieces of information.


Injured Gadgets

Rodio is a communication tool that allows organizations to have personal and targeted messages sent to their workforce at the right pace and at the right time. Rodio utilizes integrations and a robust chat based AI to streamline internal communications for widely distributed front line employees.

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