Internal Comms

Rodio is a communication tool that allows organizations to have personal and targeted messages sent to their workforce at the right pace and at the right time. Rodio utilizes integrations and a robust chat based AI to streamline internal communications for widely distributed front line employees.

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About Rodio

Rodio also serves as a centralized information hub that can integrate with any number of disparate systems through a fully open API, giving employees access to all the information they need - quickly, and effortlessly thanks to Rodio’s AI - to provide better service to customers.

Rodio Solutions

Internal Communications


Bulletins are Rodio’s prioritized in-app messages. Bulletins change the way partners communicate critical information, and ensure critical updates aren't buried in email, and that everyone is kept in the loop.

  • Bulletin commenting
  • Send Photos, Videos, or PDF
  • Create bulletins on web or mobile apps
  • Push notifications


Rodio’s best-in-class chat engine keeps daily conversations separate from critical messaging. Chat groups are based on team structure built within Rodio, and allow for ad-hoc groups or 1 on 1 chat.

  • Keeps chat separate from critical Bulletins
  • @mentions make sure a message isn't missed
  • Chat in either the mobile or web apps


RodioBot is chat-based AI that can be integrated to pull information from a customer’s point of sale, HR management, or nearly any other platform to provide operational efficiency and take the manual labor out of internal communications.

  • Streamline employee onboarding
  • Resend bulletins
  • Automatically deliver employee schedules
  • Assign sales leads

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Let us get you in touch with the right people—our partners!