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All-In-One Issue Resolution and Task Management Software. We work with over 18,000 locations across the world, helping multi-location businesses manage activities and issues across locations. We are the first operations platform that is specifically designed for the complexity of a multi-location business.

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About Intelocate

Intelocate is a complete one-stop issue management software and task operational tool specifically designed to provide full visibility into the issues, tasks, and communications across stores, departments, and vendors. No matter what issue shows up, and no matter how It Is handled, Intelocate enables you to track, measure and understand the full lifecycle of each issue at each store.

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Intelocate Solutions

Deploy Track Resolve

Log your issue, task or to-do item. Assign It to whomever needs to do the work. Don't worry about whether they're an employee, a user or a contractor. Intelocate looks after that. Just assign, and move on.

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Once all the people doing the work are assigned, Intelocate tracks progress and keeps you up to date via a dashboard. Intelocate tracks feedback from your emails too so you don't have to. Keeping up to date is easy, and seamless.

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Once items are fixed, resolving the entire issue is easy. With Intelocate tracking, you'll be able to see reports on how long it took to fix issues, how many resources were used and where your roadblocks were. You'll be able to do all of these things faster as well. Intelocate customers report an average of 75% savings in time spent on managing issues.

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We use Intelocate as a communication tool between the stores and support centre. The system allows stores to raise issues to various departments and for the Support Centre to pull together collations. It's very easy to use and make updates. Definitely improves efficiencies…really great to have visibility of all stores and their issues within one dashboard

Retail Support Centre

Idiot proof. If I have an issue, I see the status and response - it's great. I can turn around queries at least 50% faster, if not more. It's very intuitive - easy for all, very straightforward and works really, really well on mobile

Retail Ops Manager


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