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IntelocateRETAIL® has been specifically designed to support organizations seeking to improve issue management whilst reducing headcount. The platform’s innovative and unique approach to task and issue resolution enhances operations and more importantly, saves time and money.

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About IntelocateRETAIL

With no software installation necessary, it’s remarkably easy to set-up IntelocateRETAIL®. The pre-set retail management attributes, means that any retailer can be operational and see efficiency improvements within just one week without any initial disruption to their business or technology.

In a post-COVID 19 era efficient Issue Resolution has become even more important as health and safety issues gain relevance and importance. IntelocateRETAIL® has been delivering efficient Issue Resolution for many years, delivering cost savings and ensuring local issues are resolved with even less central resources, another key requirement of retailers around the world.

Now, the IntelocateRETAIL® Issue Resolution Management suite is supplemented with select preloaded COVID-19 related issues. Including cleaning, disinfecting and social distancing, with online store audit forms and checklists to manage compliance with ongoing government health and safety guidelines.


IntelocateRETAIL Solutions

Issue Management Tasks and Projects Digital Checklists

Create custom categories to track issues across all locations and assign issues to internal staff or external partners. Along with sophisticated tracking to keep on top of responses.

Create tasks and projects for groups from specific individuals to larger groups of locations or even the whole retail portfolio.

No more paper forms, audit or transferring information from one system to another. Proof of execution, incident reports, and checklists are all digitally built-in.


The simplicity is the key. What’s going on, what’s new, what’s outstanding, what needs attention…everyone has visibility of status, including stores. It’s a 24/7 tool for our stores to log any kind of operations issues.”
OPS Manager, Retail

It’s a one stop shop -- rather than having to log into different suites you login once and see everything right away — who logged in and when, and the priority. Issue assigning, messaging/emails, ongoing job management…one space for all.

Facilities Management Consulting, Retail and Commercial Real Estate

Idiot proof. If I have an issue, I see the status and response — it’s great. I can turn around queries at least 50% faster, if not more. It’s very intuitive — easy for all, very straightforward and works really, really well on the mobile.

Retail Ops Manager


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