Powerful, Intuitive Employee Scheduling

Humanity is efficient, cloud-based employee scheduling and time tracking software that offers powerful online solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries.


"Clients like it when we make their lives easier and we are thrilled to have Humanity as the first workforce management partner to help facilitate the repetitive scheduling of their mobile workforce. We have reviewed many potential solutions for our customers and settled on Humanity as the right partner for our client base in terms of both product and market fit."

Joanne Helm, Partner Manager at iQmetrix


Faster, Better Staff Schedules

Create error-free staff schedules in the cloud and in minutes - from anywhere.


Improve Employee Engagement

Allowing staff to submit work preferences, shift trade and leave requests independently.


Integrated Time Clock Solutions

Keep track of when and from where your staff are clocking into and out of shifts.


End Buddy Clocking Abuses

Confirm staff clock locations via GPS and identify via picture-based time clocks.

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How it Works

Our partnership allows for quick and easy access to Humanity's robust feature set through the iQmetrix Integrated Solutions software.


Shift Planning

Speed up your staff scheduling process by up to 80 percent. Create error-free, dynamic schedules in the cloud and inform employees of their upcoming shifts automatically. Build flexible schedules by locations, departments, positions and skills with real-time conflict checking.


Time Clock

Put an end to absenteeism, buddy clocking and tardiness. Track staff clock times from any location and on any device. Ensure more accurate time clock data through manager approvals, GPS tracking, facial recognition and biometric stations.



Never worry about being over or understaffed again. Manage staff availability, vacation and leave requests better by giving employees more independence in the process. Easily find available workers to cover last-minute absences and fill open shifts with ease.



Why use outside chat tools for communication when you don’t have to? Centralize all staff communication to increase productivity and keep employees in the loop. Post company-wide announcements and chat with coworkers in real time from anywhere, anytime.



Transition new staff into your company effortlessly. Create training programs, assignments and tests to onboard staff and facilitate career development. Track staff progress in completing their assignments.

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How Humanity Helps You Ramp Up Revenue

Inaccurate and ineffective staffing directly affects your customers. Find out how Humanity can stop poor customer service in its tracks.

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Turnover Troubles

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Overcome Turnover Troubles with Humanity

Find out just how much disengaged employees cost your business by downloading our free infographic.

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