Human Resources

Finally, workforce management options that employees and employers can love! iQmetrix offers options that view detailed reports, mobile capabilities for staff notifications, track break times, and more! Our human resource option is versatile, flexible, improves communication throughout an organization, and most importantly, saves you time, and ensures less frustrated employees.

Everyone benefits for different reasons


A happy workforce is a well-performing workforce. Our retail scheduling software ensures fewer mistakes, issues, and poorly staffed stores. Deliver a better customer experience with the right people in the right place.

Sales Staff

Easily accessible company-wide communication is possible. With iQmetrix solutions, you have the capabilities to swap shifts quickly, contact management and staff, and get scheudule notifications to affected staff through both email and text. No more missed shifts!


Spend more time running your business and let iQmetrix solutions take over the details. Easily create staff schedules and manage paid breaks, vacation time, and time-off requests — all from one place online!


Humanity may be a scheduling software, but that's not all! It has compatibilities with employees’ schedules, availability, time clock, vacation, reporting, and payroll, all while decreasing the time it takes to create error-free staff schedules by 80%. Yes, it does all that, and more!

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